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25 September 2007



The dogs look young and so do you. Have a grand birthday.


Have a wonderful birthday and I love love that saying


Happy Birthday, Neva. Here's to many many years of dreams and enthusiasm.


What a perfectly wonderful birthday sentiment you've posted. Youthful spirits in the dogs galavanting... and what a gorgeous estate! Happy Birthday Neva.


Happiest of birthdays are my life!


Great picture of the BoBo, by the way...also awesome quote.


I have to cover all birthday bases - Happy Birthday. What a perfect and wonderful quote and picture.

You do a good job of living that. XOX


Your sould must be a smooth as a baby's butt. But less smelly.

Happy Birthday girl!


That's SOUL not sould. *sigh*


Great quote, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's a fun one:)


Happy Birthday you fantabulous lady you!


Happy Birthday! I stopped by yesterday, but I guess it was too early and there was no new post. Not a wrinkle to be seen on that soul of yours.

Miz BoheMia

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I cannot believe you FINALLY posted and I MISSED IT!!!!! BWAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Kick me, KICK ME NOW!

*sigh* In my defense, I DID get crippled with blah migraines... is that ok then? Oh how this wrinkleth my soul I tell you... IT WRINKLETH IT AWAY!!!!


I kid and yet not...

What a beautiful quote and how very true! Aging is such an odd thing, a total mind screw on so many levels... I became aware of time and age after I had Lil' BoheMia... for some reason having a brand new life in my care put it all in a finite, as far as the body goes, perspective... now, at 32, I see others my age that live and act as though they were SO OLD and I still feel like a geeky teen in so many ways, SO not a woman... other days, 90 is where I dwell... so subjective and all in the mind... now if only the damn body would listen and adjust to our mental state! Early twenties would be my constant state of mind then I tell you! He, he, heee!

And now back to reality we go!

As for YOUR soul? Breathtakingly beautiful I tell you... breathtakingly beautiful...


Is it your birthday?? Have a wonderful fabulous super great one!
You're just a kiddo!


So true. On the other hand, consistency is a hobgoblin of old fogeys.
A belated happy birthday (again).


Rabbit, rabbit! And belated Happy Birthday!


Happy Birtday!!! Sorry I haven't been round so I could have wished you a great birthday earlier. Hope you had fun...

miz nix

What a beautiful blog - give those dogs a big hug from a batty English woman :)

mix nix


Do i corretcly remember that picture being taken?
Why, I think I do!

By now you are 29 plus a few I guess another Happy birthday is just too much layering.


Go Red Sox! Woo hoo!


Happy Birthday, Neva! I'm sorry that it's so belated and hope it was a wonderful one for you. Best wishes to you and your family! xoxoxoxxo

I Dive At Night

Neva, I've just heard about your latest family news. ;-( I'm sending my prayers and any strength I can too.


So sorry about the latest sad family news. Be well.

womans health

Oh such a beautiful quote for a birthday:-)))

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