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28 August 2007



No one can stay depressed when they can touch a dog.


That was great! A Charlie Brown quote. You can't beat that!


I am standing that way. Feels appropriate.


Don't forget to well up about the eyes, it always makes you look (and feel)sadder...


Well as you well know our precious BoBo has his "depressed stance" but he usually trots it out when it rains...or when the Hawks are keeping him out of his backyard. Great quote Babe...quite fitting for the season.

Love you

Miz BoheMia

WOOH! YOU POSTED! Now I truly CANNOT be depressed!

Sorry Charlie Brown...


Jan: not even for a nano-second! : ) xox

Pavel: even when depressed, Charlie Brown helps to serve up smiles. gotta love him! (and i do) xox

Nessa: now all you need is the accompanying piano music (you know, Charlie's "depressed" theme?) heh heh. but THEN you have to snap out of it! (no "lingering") ; ) xox

Terry: our youngest son used to practice pouting in the mirror (when he was a toddler) -- and then use it to great advantage, whenever he'd get in trouble and/or want something. that kid... that said, it WAS effective at times! ; ) xox

Honey: poor, sweet, Bobo! always such a heart tug when he can't go out because of rain, hawks, and/or the yard guys! LOVELOVELOVE YOU!! xox

Miz B: no frowns and/or pouts for BoheMians, amiga! not on MY watch. (okay, at least i'll always try to help you find your smile). : ) xox


Charlie Brown knows what he's talking about!

Hi Neva...nice to see you again :-)

I Dive At Night

Charlie Brown had a good idea. Some times you have to acknowledge the bad times to better enjoy the good ones.

Hope it's only Charlie who's depressed though! ;)


thanks for that reminder.


End of summer...yes, I'm feeling a bit strange about it.

Thanks for posting The Four Agreements, too:)

Happy long weekend!


Even though the summer is ending, I can't be depressed after visiting you - there are always some great words of wisdom here to perk me up.


It can be rewarding to stay in a mode that lets you feel sorry for yourself. Rewarding, but stupid. But sometimes I do it anyway.


Great quote. Rabbit, rabbit anyway!


There is so much depth to Charlie Brown, I always knew that.

I like to wallow in my own sadness sometimes, makes teh next morning so much brighter...


Technical question: How do you get that ragged border around the photos? It looks very nice. I can do a "bevelled glass" edge, but I can't figure out how you do your borders.


My depressed stance is propping up the bar in the local pub and imbibing in a few beers.


that quote is so true. you have to watch you face and body while depressed, a wrong move and you start to not understand what's so wrong... :-)


Charlie Brown makes another brilliant point.


I thought you were supposed to just lay around when you were depressed.

And, eventually, stink.


"my veri is: zhssgrki. is it just me, or does that look like the Russian word for "let's get it on with Mr. Pickle"? ; )"
Now that's funny!


Are you game? Please play with me.


Priceless. I love to find the quotes at your place that come from such sages...good call, Neva! XOXOXO

the frogster

I think my dog used this stance to her advantage. While I was worrying about her being depressed, she was secretly thinking, "He'll be worrying that I am depressed, and as soon as he lets down his gaurd, that Twinkie is MINE!"


Hey there,

This is Caroline from SocialRank.

I am trying to get in touch with you but couldn't find your email address.

We're launching a new Web 2.0 site dedicated to dogs and we have started indexing your blog posts as part of our content


I'd like to send you an invite to a beta preview. Can you get back to me with your email address.

Mine is [email protected]

Kind regards,



soemtimes you and Joel are more alike than is apaprent at first updates. Should we have a competition of who lasts teh longest. The loser get Mexican take-out on me, next time I am there!


Okay I've been here - perhaps I was slumped and depressed and didn't leave a comment. Don't forget sweat pants, Bobo - those are good for depression!



Where is the best place for Mexican takeout? Certainly not NY OR Canada! I think East L.A. takes the cake. El Tepiac is the place.


Heard a rumor... if it's true, then I wish you every bit of a happy birthday!!


What's your birthday stance look like? Have a grand one!


Very Happy Birthday, Woman of Many Names! Hope your family is carrying you around all day, so not one toe of yours is going to touch the ground!


Reminds me of Calvin, "Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around."

We miss you.

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