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08 July 2007



What a wonderful and appropriate quote! I believe it's safe to say that we relate to that completely. A great shot of the BoBo although it only gives a hint of his preternaturally penetrating eyes...he truly is the Dalai BoBo.

Great post Babe - Love you!!!


I know that I did not go where I intended to go, but since I've long ago forgotten exactly where that was, I have no I idea if I have ended up where I intended to be.

In fact, I'm not sure if that long-drawn-out sentence ended up where I intended it to go.


I am, however, the master of second thoughts.


love love love that quote

Great sentiment and I can actually remember it

TLP's master of the quick quip

Miz BoheMia

Well, I finally DID go where I intended to go and have ended up where I intended to be when speaking of actually being and going physically but with other matters... as long as I end up where I intended to be, it's definitely all good FO SHO!

For example, today, we ended up both where we intended to BE and where we intended to GO... TRADER JOE'S BABY!

Ha, ha, haaaa! For thos who don't know what this is all about, they probably think me a loon but MAN is it good to be back!!!!!

Besos to you my dearest and most missed of amigas! I hope you are enjoying a great weekend!!!

PS- Did you get my email? I have had so many not go through I am paranoid now but... I HAVE A US PHONE NUMBER! WOOOHOOO!

Ok, ok... off I go now... faboo veggie food for lunch! Gracias Trader Joe's! :-)


Great quotation.

I think it is a sign of a happy life to have ended up where we intended to be without perhaps knowing where we were going.


I wonder if that is what has happened to me?


LOVE that quote, snuppy! I just wrote a post with the same sentiment. Must be like, synchronicity or something...


The Rasputin of furpeople, definitely.


Doug would know.


That pooch has some eye for quotes.


Ooh what a perfect quote and I'll consider it as a message for my year ahead since it was posted on my birthdate.

Now I'll have to add that to my scrapbook of inspiration.



if I had a glass right now and some fine wine, I'd raise it and say: Skal!

I had no idea that I would end up here, but it sure turned out a prettier picture than I could have imagined for myself.



That sounds about right.


Nice quote. Intentionality isn't everything.


I think it's time for you to post again. Just sayin'.


That quote is the story of our life. Maybe. :)


I love the picture! And that's a great quote, and as far as I know, it's true. I don't even know what I intended:)


uh, er, i, um... well, you know.

thanks for all these wonderful comments. sorry i didn't get back in here to respond, but you guys know how it is... "some road"... "good intentions" and/or my current status on my journey to... wherever the hell heck it is i'm going?

d'oh! ; ) xox

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