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23 July 2007



Henry Ford's not one of my favorite people but that's a great saying


Sorta hard to argue with that. Sooooo, I think I can go to bed soon.

Miz BoheMia

Oooooweeee! I KNEW it! Now someone better let Loverboy know that I have been right all along! Dios mio! To think he even questioned it!

Faboo quote FO SHO amiga mia whom I miss oh so mucho! I hope all is well with you! Mil besos always!!!


Oh, I LIKE that quote. It's amazing how important attitude is in anything you do. Thanks for the reminder, Puppytoes!


Ah, a great quote AND a worthy project, in one:)


Simple yet oh soooo true. Love the quote and love you sweetie.


Henry Ford should have asked himself a few times whether he shouldn't.


There are few truer lines. Nothing defines you capability better than your belief in yourself, the conviction of your own potential. That was a very good line. Short and straight home!


I'd have to second Doug on that one.


Another good reminder to keep on keepin' on.


Rabbit rabbit. They think they can populate the world. So they CAN!


its a gorgeous dog so beautiful..and like the quote to..

Miz BoheMia

I miss you and hope that everything is ok my dearest of amigas!


I always enjoy visiting your place - ahhh.. Nice quote. Now how about that recall?...


Is that true? Because sometimes when I think I can, I really can't (and I don't).


I think you can post. Does that work?


Still sick and now there are anti-biotics too...feel better, my dearest of all puppies!

(p.s don't get too close to point in him catching it too :)

love ye!

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