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17 June 2007



Outings where you don't really know where you're going are the best kind. After all getting there is half the fun.


Oh, and happy Father's Day to your hubby!


Why do I feel like we have so much in common with Jack Handy? Kinda scary. Great Father's Day post Babe!

Thanks Theresa.



Looking back, those are the kinds of memories I have, nothing too specific, just a general sense of well being with life.


Any memory of a car and summer is special

Always tried to make my father get a convertible. He would just, every eleven years or more, get another Buick Electra

We were that nice family with the old cars, and no space in the garage for them

But the rest of the house, baring one members room, was immaculate

Have no idea how I got into all this


That was excellent. Jack Handy just cracks me up and I think that sounds a bit like our outings...only maybe better.


Miz BoheMia

Ha, ha, ha, haaaa! I am just laughing my ass off FO SHO! I know not this Jack Handey but feeling like that could SO be me talking scares me I tell you, IT SCARES ME! ;-P And Loverboy even more, the poor man, who has had to put up with many a could-do-without-it adventures and I am sure he would have quite a story or two to tell!

A faboo quote amiga mia and quite fitting for the now-belated-seeing-that-I-am-late-as-usual father's day! Having said that, here's hoping you had a beautiful and memorable father's day my dear amigo Joel (which I am sure you did next to your beautiful lady love) and may the day have been fabulous for you my dearest amiga de mi corazón whom I eternally miss so much!

Besos to all...

Old Mule

Wonderful quote for father's day.

I hope all is well! Thoughts from mule...


I think Jack Handey is in my family - he sounds like we share the same dad :-)


That one's a real gem.


I clearly remember those days, too.


Now I need to go drink until my childhood memories are that hazy and pleasant. Thanks.


Oh least our puppies will have pleasant childhood memories.


hmmm........where have I been? I hope joel had a greta father´s day and as it seems, the job´s still not done. Hope everythign is ok with you guys and things are running smoothly along!


The childhood memories are wonderful. I remember every Sunday going to the beach with the whole family; getting there at 7am and staying until 5pm. There was cooking, swimming, water fights, chicken fights, etc...

Unfortunately, my dad wasn't a part of that. He was in another country until I was about 12 years old. We more than made up for it the first five years after his return.

Thanks for bringing up some good memories, puppytoes!


Theresa: which serves to explain all the "fun" i had growing up, i suppose. hope you and yours had a wonderful day, too! xox

Honey: it is alarming, isn't it? xox

Jan: me too! i used to worry about the fact i could never recall details, but not that i know i'm not the only one, i guess it's okay. ; ( xox

Pia: most of my memories of riding around in our family car (as a kid) are of trying to sleep on the back seat floor, with my sister, laying our heads on that hump in the middle -- remember that? long rides used to make us tired. guessin' we missed a lot that way. (have no idea how i got into all that, either!) ; ) xox

G: that Jack... he's got a good one for just about every occasion! (this is how i expect our kids to remember our outings, too!) xox

Miz B: the beauty of Jack Handey-isms is that you don't need to know him, to love his stupid sayings! glad this made you smile, and i SO hope Loverboy had a faboo Father's Day, too! besos back at you, mi amiga!! : ) xox

Old Mule: why thank you, kind sir! : ) xox

Terry: Jack may well be the "missing member" from a number of families, including ours! ; ) xox

Doug: i thought you might approve of this one. thanks. : ) xox

Nessa: yeah, my memories are this "clear", as well. ; ) xox

Diesel: sniffing glue is equally effective. : P xox

Joel: heh. as long as someone around here has 'em... xox

Minka: where have you been, missy? kidding! pretty sure Joel had a nice day. that said, you're right, apparently his "job" isn't done. oy. ; ) xox

Pavel: gotta say those are some mighty nice memories, my friend! pretty damn special for all of you to have been able to makeup all that lost time once you were reunited with your father. : ) xox

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