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03 June 2007



I tell ya that Rumi is a quote machine! Love that guy. Anyway, nice reminder to live in and enjoy the present and not pine for the "good old days." Great quote - thanks Dr. Terri, and of course, thanks to you sweetie and the always wise Dalai BoBo.

Love you

Miz BoheMia

Did you know that his actual name, in Farsi, is Molana Jalaledin Mohammad Molavi Balkhi? Abroad, they call him Rumi and other erroneous variations but yeah there you have it (part of Loverboy's many insightful "let's educate this boho non-Iranian Iranian wife of mine" endeavours I tell you!)...

I LOVE the little I have been able to see of his work... little because I refuse to read his translated works because, sadly, there is no translated work of his out there that even captures an ounce of the true beauty of his poetry as written in the original Farsi... part of my problem with it all is that non-Farsi speakers are the only ones who have translated him and they do so from second, at times third, hand accounts as told them by actual Iranians (Iranians themselves don't even dare touch his work he is just such a legend there!)... the worst of them all is Coleman Barks, who, ironically, has become famous and is known as THE Rumi translator.

We saw him give a talk once, on Valentine's Day no less (I missed out on the Vagina Monologues because of that dufus!!!!) and both Loverboy and I were ready to jump on down from our terrace seats and smack him silly... well, more me than Loverboy and much more damage than "smack him silly" but I digress...

That having been said, to think that such badly translated works of his touch so many is beautiful in and of itself as, somehow, his energy shines through... just imagine the works in their full glory! But alas, my Farsi being a spoken one and never having been taught the more complicated and formal Farsi that is attached to reading the language, well, I need him explained to me or else I don't understand what is being read to me in Farsi...but even so, I can so attest to the fact that the choppy explanations of the original Farsi by lay Iranians moved me to tears whereas the translations... nothing (so WOOH! We can have Loverboy sit and entertain us thusly when we finally meet! :-) )

Dammit! I have gone and written a book! Well, my connection to this Rumi theme and my frustration with what is often lost in translation was the theme of my poem from long ago that can be found here...

As for the quote... it is beautiful and what I love the most about it, is that when applied to the self it is all about moving forward, being responsible for one's decisions, being the creators of our destiny, looking only ahead and fostering no regrets... so much more, I know, but I am tired of myself... I have rambled on too much amiga mia! Oy!

Beautiful choice and truly moving and, wouldn't you know it, it entered my life at just the right time and at a much needed moment so for that, and oh so many more things, I thank you my dearest Neva de mi corazón!

And the dedication to your veryeryvery smart sister? Faboo! I love seeing the love between you two... it is truly touching and just adds beauty to the world I tell you!

Mil besos and all my boho love always!

Miz BoheMia

OH MY GOD!!!!! WHERE is the delete button??? I didn't know it was THAT long!

Now I am off to bury my head in the sand, THE SAND I tell you!


Beautiful quote.


Wow, that's profound. So, is blogging a part of maturing, and does it help to become the light? Even if it's not, it sure is a lot of fun. And, as far as I'm concerned, a ripened grape should only become a fine wine.


I think it was Richard Feynman who said it takes very little energy to scramble an egg and yet all of science is insufficient to reverse the process.

I'm not sure that has anything to do with anything we're talking about but it makes a fascinating conversation over breakfast.


On those occasions when I want to regress to more simple times in my life, I will remember this.


Wait! I'm mature and sour as hell about it. Oh. No. I'm not. Mature I mean.


That really is a thought-provoking quote. Now I need the how-to book:)


As Carly Simon sang and Bobo made reference to above, "stay right here cause these are the good old days". Sorry that that song provokes nothing but a ketchup/catsup commercial right now, but those words are good. As were the wise words of this quote.

Thanks to you and to Terri for a better perspective from which to view the rest of my day. XOX


That is a great quote and that Terri (with all that´s going on in he rlife!) finds that standpoint every day, is more than wonderous.
Both of you are amazing, and Bobo is just that beautiful!

Old Mule

Rumi! I love his mystic poetry. My good friend, Coleman Barks, is the world's leading translator and scholar. To hear him read Rumi is to enter a new realm altogether. Have a wonderful week!


The quote is beautiful. Great that it came from your sister and Rumi is a poet/thinker/philospher for the ages

The comments are priceless. Wow


It´s sorta Sunday here...but I gues sthis quote is good enough to cover two weeks. Hope you are well!


Honey: and a grand "quote machine", at that. these words struck a particular chord with me the day i saw them, not a bad thing to remember at any given moment of any given crisis. lovelovelove YOU!! xox

Miz B: ah, amiga de mi corazon! i had no idea this quote would elicit such a passionate and amazing comment from you, but i'm sure glad it did! thank you for that information, and for your own insightful words of wisdom. you, my friend, are a constant surprise, and i mean that in the absolutely BEST way possible. something i said, i believe after reading that amazing poem you shared with us all, last year! (it was beyond beautiful then, and it still is, now) besos and hugs to you, beloved friend! xox

Nessa: thanks, girlfriend. i thought so, too. xox

Theresa: or, in my case, grape juice. that said, i'm fond of raisins, too! ; ) xox

Doug: you just blew my mind AND made me hungry. xox

Jan: not such a difficult task, especially if you surround yourself with a beloved puppy, or two! ; ) xox

TLP: heh heh. neither am i. and thank G*d for that! ; ) xox

Actonbell: as a runner, i'm pretty sure you already know the route to a calmer state of mind. nothing lifts the endorphins and eases the nerves like a quick jog down a shady path! xox

G: ah... and thank YOU , my dearest NBFF. pretty sure these are the good old days. gotta live 'em/love 'em when they're here, because we'll never have 'em again. (yikes, suddenly i'm hearing Richard Harris singing "MacArthur Park", and it ain't pretty!) : ) xox

Minka: were you to meet my sister (and i truly hope you get to, some day) you'd see that she is exactly that kind of person. but then, like you, she's ALWAYS been wise beyond her years. nothin' like coping with crisis to remind you to count your blessings when you have them, and live every day to its fullest -- because the one thing we know for sure is that once lived, every good day is gone, forever. xox

Old Mule: WHOA. now THIS is something i would lovelovelove to hear more about! hmmmm... apparently we'll have more than a few things to discuss next year in Chicago, eh? (i'm guessing Miz BoheMia will find that little tidbit pretty damn fascinating, too.) you are just one cool surprise after another, aren't you? (why yes, yes you are!) xox

Pia: priceless and more than a little humbling. having YOU here most certainly adds to my sense of honor and humility, by the way -- especially since i know you're still on vacation! thank you my friend! it means worlds to me to see you here!: ) xox

Minka: d'oh! yeah, it's "sorta" Sunday, here, too! heh heh. actually, i did my newest Sunday quote last night, guess i should have published it then, eh? (maybe you'll check back and notice it's up, and still manage to be first!) hope YOUR Sunday is as beautiful as you are, my friend! xox

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