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13 May 2007



Is that a threat?

Happy Mother's Day sweetie!!! Your family adores you and we'll never let you escape.

Miz BoheMia

*sigh* Too bad Joel and the boys won't let you escape 'cause I am SO ready to kidnap you DAS FO SHO!!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to the most amazing, beautiful, sweet, compassionate, wise and loving friend and woman and mother I know! (Yep, that is you I tell you, YOU!) May you have a beautiful and oh-so-special day that is nothing short of simply wonderful my dear Neva!

Thinking of you and lovin' you to pieces siempre...


PS- Now those are two very handsome and quite hot "pains in the ass" I tell you! Your boys are beautiful with much soul in their eyes... hola chicos! Give your sweet mom a big kiss from bohemians everywhere and live it up!


your sons are very wise ;-)

Happy Mummy's Day, Neva! May you have more of what you already have because I know it's all that you've ever wanted xox

GG xo


Those are two very nice looking "pains in the ass" you have there. Looks like you are not only Crazy Aunt Neva, but also a wonderful Mom. Happy Mother's Day - a day late, but still it's the thought that counts :)


Awww... You can tell they mean it -- their lips aren't moving.

Hope your M-Day was filled with love and happiness, Neva.


Hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

It's good that they tell it as they see it :)


I hope you had a mother's day filled with tsgwoc's or whatever that stuff is. I can tell by the looks in their eyes they have plans. A mouse in the laundry hamper?


Honey: is that a threat? or a promise?? xox

Miz B: awwww... my boys can be as sweet as pie on one day, and the biggest pains the next. not unlike most kids, i suppose. sigh. but they're mine, and, apparently i'm stuck with 'em! hope YOUR day was a beautiful one, as well, dearest amiga!! xox

GG: YIPPEE! i haven't seen you in ages my friend! ooooh -- i'd best be gettin' over to YOUR blog, see what you've been up to, of late! thank you for your kind wishes... hope this visit is the first of many! xox

Theresa: as my oldest son said "geez, that's a pretty old picture", which means, of course, that my "babies" are even older now than when i took it. (okay, so my oldest is now sporting longish hair and a bit of a beard -- i happen to like his face, which is why i chose to use the one i did) where was i? oh yeah... they're cute on a good day. not sure they think i'm such a "wonderful mom", but i'm the best one they'll ever have, so there's that. xox

Al: thank you, my friend, it was. hope Mrs. Al had a beautiful day, as well (i'm guessing she did) xox

Pia: honesty is a big deal in our family. sometimes i kind of wish they were better liars -- especially with regards to their girlfriends and/or my birthdays... (kidding, i kid!). xox

Doug: i did, and it (TGSNWM) was delish. that said, instead of a mouse in the laundry, i fear it was a book of matches, a pack of gum, and a ball-point pen. d'oh! oh well, it wasn't my white shirt that wound up with an inky tie-die, so what do i care? xox


Awww that is a sweet sentiment indeed! I love how they hijacked your blog to deliver it. And a wonderful beautiful photo! Sorry Bobo, but if you're getting the boot for the day - may as well be by two hunks. :)

Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful and special - everything that you are, NBFF! xox


G: yeah -- they're goofy kids... but they're my goofy kids! and i most certainly hope (and trust) your Mother's Day was as wonderful and special as YOU are, my dearest NBFF! xox


How sweet! They do look like they have plans:)


Great greeting!!! Just like a Hallmark card would be if they were sincere.


Actonbell: they can be sweet, on a good day. too bad we don't get those often around here. heh. i kid! they gave me a fabulous leather-bound journal for my "non-bloggy" thoughts. shows how little they know... xox

Jan: i totally agree! xox


Wow! Look at those two burly guys! Happy Mother's Day Neva!

Usually I see photos of dogs here ... is this a hidden message? :)


Dan: what are you suggesting? that my precious sons are *gasp* dogs?? oh stab me in the heart and be done with it. xox


You let your sons have the keys to your blog?! I hope you have good insurance.


Diesel: the little bastards tricked me. that's the last time i leave my blog unattended in order to see how some stupid video game ends. d'oh! xox


Are the boys keeping your blog hostage? Those naughty boys, tell them we are waiting for more of Dalai Bobo's thoughts.




They are so cute. And I am a lousy additional child for not having left a self-indulgent mother´s day note somewhere near you.
*scratches head and tries to come up with ammends*

I´ll figure something!


Everyone should have sons like yours - how fun. Hope your Mother's Day couldn't have been better :-D


Honey tsduff is absolutely right! Everyone should experience the joy that is our boys. I think we should start scheduling the visitations today...get those bags packed guys you're going on a field trip!


Theresa: one son is 6'6", the other is 6'3"... you tell them to step aside, they scare me. ; ) xox

Nessa: occasionally. heh. ; ) xox

Minka: HOW can you be expected to worry about such things, what with Josh Groban and Eurovision and that Art Festival, and all. not to mention Siggi and his other Hobbit friends! ; ) xox

Terry: it was a grand day, at that! : ) xox

Honey: i'm finishing up on the laundry even as i type, those bags will be packed and our slacker darling sons will be off before you can say: "¡Adiós mis hijos! Call us when you find work!" ; ) xox

Wendy (if that's your real name): Greetings. Nice commented. Its so very frustrated and annoyance for me to have you read.


Happy very belated Mother's Day! Motherhood is definitely a mixed bag.


Mrs. Weirsdo: bag, or can of mixed nuts? ah well, in the end, it's all good, right? right! hope your Day was grand, as well (considering where you got to spend it, i'm guessing it was!) xox


Mara: thanks hello, yourself! you made a good job of annoying me for what you've comment. stop.


Actually, we were back by then. But a box of Godiva chocolates almost makes up for the pains of childbirth.


Mrs. Weirsdo: only if they're all filled with caramel or peanut butter. ; ) xox

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