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20 May 2007



yes we most certainly do. and i wouldn't have it any other way.


I thought General Custer said that.


I thought Kirk said it to Custer.


If at first you don't should get your eyes checked. But remember, perception is in the mind, not the eye, of the beholder.


Funny how James T. Kirk sounds sooo much like Denny Crane. Great quote and and even greater picture of our favorite canine philosopher...the one and only BoBo.

Joel the how BoBo is sticking his tongue out at the camera.


Schnoodlepooh: me neither, girlfriend! xox

Jan: he meant to. xox

Diesel: he meant to. xox

Theresa: that's what you think... xox

Honey: he has us right where he wants us, that's for sure! (i love this picture, too) xox


Honey: Denny Crane! heh heh. yeah, amazing how much he sounds like Kirk. xox


A native of Riverside, Iowa, I might just add.


The Captain is so full of wisdom.


Doug: i'm only a little scared by the fact you knew that. xox

Nessa: truly, he was a man ahead of our time. xox


Sometimes I let my kids think this. Then I realize that they're letting me think that I'm letting them think this. Then everybody's happy...or so we think.



Totally true quote. Totally true. Dogs have us right where they want us. Cats too. Women too. :)


No self-respecting pet would have it any other way.


My perception is that you should all vote for me! If any of you are ever in Spain, I'll buy you a drink - You see, I make campaign promises and everything.


G: i think i know what you mean. pretty sure that's how it works around here, too. : ) xox

Dan: and don't you forget it, bub. ; ) xox

Actonbell: sounds like something Serena would say! ; ) xox

Theresa: spoken like a true politician -- OR the finalist in Diesel's Caption Contest! : ) xox


Neva, I confess to being a recovering Trekkie, but I knew that because I used to live in the next town east of Riverside. Lone Tree had no laundromat so when I needed to do laundry (and by that I mean NEEDED) I threw my clothes in my duffel and rode my bike to Riverside. Their economy is largely based on the fact that in some episode or book it says Kirk is from there and on your way into town the sign says "Welcome to Riverside, Iowa where the Trek begins" and behind that is about a 15-foot long model of the enterprise.

If it makes you feel any better, I have no idea where the other earthlings were born.

But Radar O'Reilly is from Ottumwa.


Yep. You pick up the dog's poop. YOU are the servant. No doubt about it.


Doug: listen, your stock just went WAY up in my book. seriously -- that's a great story, and a great bit o' trivia. as long as you DON'T know where Shatner's from, i think you'll be okay (tho' i happen to know he used to have a horse ranch up in Three Rivers, CA -- as did Jack Nicholson/Angelica Houston, back in the day) xox

TLP: she's ba-a-a-ack! spoken like a mom who's cleaned out more than her fair share of cat boxes for a certain Teapot Tempest -- and/or 3D Pez dispenser -- when one of her girls goes out of town! ; ) xox


Right up there with my favorite, "Let's put him/her/it out of our misery."


I just wanted to set the record straight before Al claimed he was from Soho.

Miz BoheMia

Ah pereption... it may seem that I am late to the party... but am I or is it what y'all want to see... or am I where I am supposed to be... or...


I have nothing... perception can dizzify the best of bohemians I tell you... *sighetty sigh*

And as a side note, nothing to do with the faboo quote up above, let me state that the two days spent in Sevilla had me visit Starbucks (they had THREE there!!!!) 5 times... FIVE... me! The bohemian who refused to set foot in them but alas, once I stepped in, I truly believed I was in SF and many a chai tea latté with soymilk was had and now? I need to find a group for addicts because the withdrawals are a bitch and a half but oh joy of joys now I know what to order when we go into a Starbucks together! WOOHETTY WOOH my sistah! And yeah, I got the boy hooked on my drink too! Oy!

My way of saying you were missed and thought of oh so mucho whilst there (and at all times other than when in Starbucks) though I must say that Loverboy thought me nuts when I knew just what you and Joel would order! Ha, ha, haaaaa! Besos my dearest of amigas!

Miz BoheMia

PS- I meant perCeption! Oy...


Weirsdo: lovelovelove that! almost akin to "I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. However, this wasn't it." almost. ; ) xox

Doug: nah... Al would claim Kirk lived near Riverside Drive, right off the Henry Hudson Parkway. that Al... xox

Miz B: Starbucks in Sevilla?? WOOTIE-TO-DA-HOOTIE! just saying... it's nice to know we'd be able to get our favorite drinks should we ever find our way over to Spain (oh, how i hope we will... some day!) 'tis my perception that you arrived here precisely on time, amiga! not one minute too late and/or too soon! just happy to see your smile -- lovelovelove knowing you had a grand trip (good for the BoheMian soul) miss you, too, dear friend!! (does this mean we'll be seeing videos of your latest journey soon???) xoxo


Oh my...that is quite a deverse comment section to read through in a minute.
*shakes spinning head and tries to focus*

Where I am being had? more importantly, is it warm and can I wear my flipflops?


"He's dead, Jim."

That's the only line I remember from that show.

Kirk was from Iowa or something.

Picard was from Soho.
Q was from the Village, no question.


"He's dead, Jim." That's the only line I remember from that show.

When he's finally born two centuries from now, Kirk will be from Iowa or Nebraska or something. He'll be a damned fine left-handed pitcher, too.

Picard will be from Soho. The accent will tie him to the East side of Broadway.

Q? He'll be from the Village, no question.


Damn Typepad -- you got both the draft and the final.


Minka: we aims for diversity around here, that's FO SHO'! heh heh. and yes! it's warm and flip-flops are a must! ; ) xox

Al: gotta say -- that comment was pretty damn funny both times! *claps* xox

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