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09 May 2007



The longer I live the more I realize it IS good to be a dog...or so it it seems. I too could piss on a big building but chances are I'd get a lot of funny looks and would ultimately be arrested. I shall ponder the deeper meaning of this quote but for now that's all I got. Love you!


I love it. My little stud muffin dog practically falls over trying to pee as high up as possible.


Even a gnome can become president?

I am just translating into human terms :)


Kind of like an old Jamaican saying that goes something like "Little axe chop down big tree".

Like that Bobo (yours is bawdier).


Honey: heh heh. i'm thinkin' it has something to do with the humongous obstacles, and the fact that least powerful of us can do something to overcome and/or, at the very least, leave a mark. that said, shoot for a side of the building that faces an alley. no need to cause a panic. lovelovelove you, too! xox

Jan: see? our dogs are smarter than we are. size means nothing, yet the illusion of size means everything. xox

Minka: hah! a gnome or a troll. ; ) xox

G: those old Jamaicans are so smart. i was thinking "even a flea can screw an elephant" -- but that version is much more plausible and/or applicable! xox


HA!!! I love this "thought of the weel"... Hope you and yours are doing great!


And the building could give a shit.

Miz BoheMia

Oooh! Lofty aspirations and that can do attitude is faboo for sure!

Although my kids would take that literally for, yes, they do piss on buildings here and there when they have to go and there are no toilets in sight! Sad thing about Spain? A lot of men do too! It is a common sight to see construction workers and similar kinda guys pissing on the side of the street!

And I am laughing my ass off at the mere thought of Joel doing such a thing! Dios mio! But hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go, no?

Besos to you and all my love my dearest Neva!


But can it piss up a rope?


I still have Hightower quotes that I remember on the right occasions. He's a pretty sorry second to the great wits of yore, but the best America has to offer at the moment.

About a week ago I quoted him thus: "There's nothing in the middle of the road but white lines and dead armadillos."


TLP, that's just a great question.


TLP, that's just a great question.


Gives us peewees hope :)


Omg, you're right! Let's get out there and paint the town yellow!


That's no way for a dog lover to talk.

(Great quote, though.)


I was reminded of the Bush administration too, Minka. But it's just a little piss. Not enough to undermine the building.

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