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01 May 2007



I'm f***ed!

Rabbit Rabbit then.


Me, too.

Rabbit, rabbit!


G: D'OH! then i guess i am, too! (yeesh -- and i thought i was providing a little positive inspiration here). Rabbit, Rabbit, NBFF! xox

Actonbell: heh. Me, three, my friend! Rabbit, Rabbit... uh... rabbit? xox


hihi...bobo is late to the party. It isnĀ“t even Saturday yet.

hase, hase!

well, igues sif you all point in pretending!


I think that's a great quote - sobering yet inspiring all at the same time! Nicely done sweetie!


oh dear.


Great quotation.

Rabbit, rabbit! Woof woof!

Miz BoheMia

Oh crap and YAY all at once... perhaps therein lies the beauty of the quote! I guess that for good dreams 'tis best to get off one's patootie and fill your day with faboo happenings!

Oh well! And I was feeling lazy today but I guess it is off to catch a dream or too instead! ;-)

Lulu (Dan's cat)

Oh dear! So many photos of pesky dogs! Any chance you might post some tomcats one of these days?



Who knew I spent so much time with supermodels on beaches. Thanks for the great news!


Actually I daydream a lot, so there's that :) XOX


Minka: i know! sigh... he probably stopped in at Stabucks on his way home last night. Hase! Hase! to you, too, my friend!! xox

Honey: i liked this quote, too. a good reminder, i think, to do what you love in hopes of getting to DO more of the same. in our case, that would involve vacations in Maine and/or trips to Starbucks! d'oh! xox

Kyahgirl: ; ) xox

Miz B: ah, my sweet friend, you are wise beyond your BoheMian years! now off you go to surround yourself in all things "San Francisco"! : ) xox

LuluDan'sCat: heh. once in a while, our little kitty, Fuzzy Butt, finds his way into this blog. not often -- as you might have figured out, Sophie (aka "Puppytoes") is not a fan. ; ) xox

Doug: and by "supermodels" you mean "large model cars", and by "beach" you mean "your bathroom floor". xox

NBFF: it's the doing AND the dreaming (night and day) that counts. at least i think that's how it works. ; ) xox


Last night, I dreamed I was washing my windows, but the streaks wouldn't go away.

My... life... sucks...


So... I should not be chasing after rabbits?


Doug has been spending time with supermodels on the beach?


(I'm somewhat of a Barbara Kingsolver fan.) So, I should be dreaming of reading books, reading blogs, eating, and generally loafing. That's not working out for me.


A little doggie existentialism. I love it.


What you do and how you do it is very important.

Old Mule

I had a friend in Mexico who would never tell me her dreams. She said it would give away too much of her soul. I never forgot that, and in so many ways she is right.

I, on the other hand, did not mind sharing by dreams of nakedness and debauchery. Men are simple beasts.


I don't know who Barbara Kingsolver is, but I once read an essay that gave interpretations of dreams from a Freudian and a cognitive science perspective. The cognitivists believe dreams are mostly fragments of day life and thought, not deep sexual symbols. In general the cognitive scientist interpretation was more convincing, though in several cases I didn't think the two were mutually exclusive (daily event AND deep sexual symbol).


O. k., I just googled her, and it doesn't surprise me to find she's an evolutionary biologist.

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