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08 April 2007



Wow...quite a list! I like to think our pursuit of Mexican food is a sort of microcosm of mary anne's concept. We fully intend to have it each week...given it's impact on our digestive system it definitely constitues walking to the edge...we have to listen hard when we place our order because sometimes the order takers don't speak great english...on balance what we order is pretty healthy...we're definitely practicing abandon (see impact on digestive system above)...eating it always makes us laugh with delight...we never regret placing our order...we appreciate the owners of the restaurant, who based on our frequency have become our friends...we continue to learn about their menu...we love eating their food...and, when doing so it's definitely all we can focus's all there is.

This may not be what she had in mind...but, just saying.


What a nag!


Sorry but the guys ahead of me in the comment queueue are cracking me up. I know tomorrow I will appreciate this sage advice, but for now Mary Anne is giving me more orders than my ADD mind can handle.

You know I kid, it is a wonderful quote and setiment and always a good reminder. xox


'do what you love'. okay by me. that's why I do 'poodle city' - it's what I love and I won't change it. thanks for reminding me that's what I want to do.


I just love this one! Everything in to needle point precission.

Let´s hope that most of us will follow those suggestions to a tenth and the world would be a happier place!


by the that a cute puppy or what?


I always come here for my thought to start the week and I'm never disappointed.

Thank you.


Good advise and one I try to live by...need to work on a couple of things...I/we are work in progress after all...I know sad for one of my age to admit to that...but there it is.
Have I ever told you how much in love with Bobo I am? The dog Bobo that is :)
He is so cute in this photo...heck!!! he is cute in all your photos ;>


Wise Bobo! Cute, too.


Walking to the edge and playing with abandon is how my son dislocated his elbow. How about, "Stay a few inches on this side of the edge and use the friggin' ladder."

Congrats on being a finalist in the caption contest, Neva!

Miz BoheMia

I intend to move to San Francisco... amongst other things for sure but for now... I intend to move to San Francisco

I did in fact jump to the edge but went a step further and jumped and it was a bumpy and hellish ride back out of the dark abyss but I made it... now I sit a few feet away from the edge because I have vertigo, does that count?

Listen hard? Crap. I know how to listen and am pretty good at even eavesdropping on tables next to us in restaurants (it is not my fault people cannot help being so LOUD) but listening hard? Crap. I don't know how to do that... as opposed to soft? No lo sé! Woe is me!

Practice wellness... yoga and veggies FO SHO! Now if I can get them damn bad carbs outta the way as well as the cavity producing and pound inducing sweets and I am good to go! K-KISH baby!

Playing with abandon? I am afraid I am not too good at that these days though does sneaking into the grounds of a Buddhist Stupa with a woman who came along with me while the Loverboy and the kids watched and filmed me run around it in a counterclockwise direction three times while reciting Padhmambhava's mantra (for good luck you see!) count? Cause that was what we did today and all "because I need to do this Loverboy! I just know it is something I need to do so stop asking! How do I know? The universe told me I tell you!"

Laugh... ok!

Choose with no regret... Spain? Um... Ooook! ;-P No regrets, no regrets, I kid! Though headaches? Quite a few I tell ya!

Appreciate your friends... Oh I sure DO and most of all YOU my dearest and most amazing Nevalicious mujer de mi corazón! But you knew that already did you not? DID YOU NOT??? (I hope!) :-)

The other two check and check although the last one... SPAIN is all there is????? Damn I am screwed! SCREWED!!! *said the bohemian as she sobbed away... SOBBED I TELL YOU!*

You know, I have tried and tried commenting on this dalai bobo's but either I was not let in (damn you Typepad!) or I found myself too verbose... just as you see above... but dammit, I have not been able to cut down the words but I thought I would jump in any way! *sighetty sigh* Perdona amiga but bohemians adore thee and can remain quiet no longer! Not that we ever did in order to loudly yell "no longer" but we are a dramatic breed so there you have it!!! Hope all is well with you my dearest friend, that you have enjoyed a fabulous week and that a peaceful and beautiful weekend await you! Muchos besos to one I loooove to pieces!


live as if this is all there is.

Do we have a choice?


Hey! What about "Eat three meals a day, none larger than your fist (or paw)?"


"Live as if this is all there is."

'Cause it is all there is.


I think I need to tattoo this on my ass (seeing as how it's the most prominent spot on my body these days beyond my belly, which will be gone soonish).

Words to live by.


That is the great picture and great sentiment as well: love the happy pup.


Practice wellness? I have all I can do to practice the violin.

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