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24 April 2007



Ah yes, pressure inspires, no? Great quote from the noted modern day philosopher Pascover...clearly a man wise beyond his years...and the perfect accompanying shot of the very fleet of foot BoBo.


Now Doug's being quoted?! They'll be no living with him. Hahahaha.

That's why I ignore all of mine - deadlines, that is.



BoBo: nothin' like early onset curmudgeonry to bring out the philosopher in someone. or is that the other way around? ; ) xox

G: as far as i'm concerned, deadlines were meant to be broken, ignored and/or dumped in to someone else's workload when they're not looking. as for quoting Pascover? serves him right for mocking me. wait... does it? or do i now look even more uninspired than ever? oy. xox


and by "BoBo" i meant Honey... and by "xox" i meant "i love you". but you knew that... ; )


That's a great line.

Douglas Adams said he loved deadlines because he liked the "whooshing" sound they made as they passed.


A standard is a madness that plummets?

Ha ha, Neva. Great photo.

Miz BoheMia

Ooooh! Now this philosopher I love to pieces I tell you, TO PIECES! The curmudgeon is a wise being FO SHO! But alas, I have nothing witty to say and neither shall I attempt to actually say something witty for there lies the mastery of my brother's talents! Fabuloso hermanito and I applaud you oh dearest of amigas for your good taste!

And with what may seem as bum kissing from those who know not the ways of bohemians, but what is in actual fact heartfelt mush, because that is just what bohemians do best, especially weepy (and god how annoying is that?) Piscean bohemians at that...

BoheMia OUT! ;-P


Neva, not at all - it's a pefect quote and image. I really loved it actually.

But now I'm laughing all over at your "to be dumped into someone else's workload when they're not looking". Excuse me, I have some deadlines to dump. xox


I love the photo. I think that is how all dogs would look all the time if they didn't have to slow down for humans.


Diesel: passed deadlines can blow right past the best of us, but at least they don't stink. okay, maybe sometimes they do, but that's beside the point. the point is that i got this post up late because i was farting around over the weekend. xox

Doug: hang on... lemme write that down for future reference. okay... A... standard... is...a... mad...ness... that... plum-mets.... got it! ; ) xox

Miz B: ah... mi amiga! the curmudgeon is wise, indeed. a wise ass, that is. but a good ass. and i'm quite certain he's fine with as much, er, ass bum-kissing as you're willing and/or able to give! (obviously i agree with your assessment 100%!) as for tears??? NO TEARS! 'tis the time for smiling, BoheMia! i promise Life is gonna make sense any day now! besos and hugs dear friend... xox

G: okay, and now i'm laughing as i imagine you sauntering up to someone's desk with papers concealed under your sleeves...slyly dropping a sheet out here, a folder there -- not unlike Tim Robbins' character in Shawshank Redemption (when he was shaking out "parts of his cell wall" all over the prison exercise yard?) in my head, this is hilarious... xox

Jan: trust me, my friend, this is how BoBo looks whenever he's free to fly around the back yard! pure joy -- and it's wonderful to see! : ) xox

Miz BoheMia

Oh! Weepy because Piscean cry easily and get over it just as fast! Worry not, there is no reason to cry DAS FO SHO! :-)

As for your assessment (corny, I know!) of the curmudgeon... ha, ha, ha, haaaaa! Sorry hermanito but the woman is hella witty! =D


Then there's the mad happiness you feel when you've finished whatever it is you were supposed to finish (If by that time you remember what it was to begin with, if you don't it probably wasn't important in the first place)

Deadline or not, it looks like BoBo must be experiencing some of that mad happiness.

Old Mule

Photo fits. Is that me?


I'm going to copy that quote and use it as an excuse the next time I have a deadline


Great quote!! And I'm always out of time, too...


Oh my...

I have seen it all now, Pascover quoted. Please God, take me now!

That picture makes me dizzy in a funky sorta way!


Rabbit squared!

(blocked bunny)


Rabbit rabbit!

No stress no stress


Miz B: well, i know a few tears here and there are good for the soul... still, i prefer to think of you, dear amiga, with a smile on that beautiful face of yours! xox

Theresa: "mad happiness" is BoBo's middle name. or it is now! (i love that) xox

Ole Mule: yes. yes it is. and i think you look fabulous! xox

Pia: i'm thinking about having it tattoo'd on my ass. just because i can. ; ) xox

Actonbell: perhaps this belongs on a tee-shirt -- kind of perfect for wearing on a run, don't ya think? xox

Minka: once hell freezes over, i'll join you! heh heh. xox

Doug Doug: commenter squared -- blocked curmudgeon? (Rabbit, Rabbit, my friend) ; ) xox

TLP: Hare, Hare! and hear, hear! ; ) xox


Like that quote - must be by some famous dog, yes?


Good one, Doug. Sorry to be late with my comment, but at least the frenzied rush is over.

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