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16 April 2007



A perfect choice for this gloomy Spring (HA!)day. If the wisdom of Mr. Handey doesn't make you laugh check your pulse cause you're probably dead. Happy Monday to one and all (I know, an oxymoron).


Most talent is discovered in exactly that way.


This is Spring?

Love the entire paragraph. Very funny and very true


and haven't we all been there?


Passion for somthing is found deep within, not molded from the outside.
Internal dedication vs. external impressions. You gotta admire the first!

Loved this!



I was totally taken in...but fortunately, not in handcuffs.


Reminds me of that moment in THE METAMORPHOSIS when Gregor Samsa, cockroach extraordinaire, is frantically injuring his jaws in an attempt to turn the key to his room and get out. He imagines everyone is cheering him on--far from it.


I do know people in life like this. This is so funny - another thing for the ToDoList - become more familiar with Jack Handey (after all, maybe he'll see something in me - a raw talent, you know...). xox


Doesn't everybody want their raw talent to be discovered? But just how far are you willing to go?

Cute dogs by the way. We used to have one that looked a bit like Sophie (Ours was just a mutt, but we loved her all the same - I guess we discovered her raw talent).


you're into handcuffs Neva?
Sorry, it must be the influence of reading Joel's last post. Sorry to be absent so long.
As always, love the doggie picture!


Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to. In fact, if your imagination is good enough, maybe you've already done it!

Old Mule

That's kind of how they got me too.


Joel: hah! well... since i managed to take a full week before responding to these comments, the GOOD news is that it finally does feel like spring! and who ya callin' a moron? (lovelovelove ya, honey!) xox

Doug: same thing happened to Lana Turner at Schwabs Drug Store... only instead of handcuffs, she wore a tight sweater. and instead of a coach, there was a couch. xox

Pia: it's the weird thing about Jack Handey -- and why his "words of wisdom" are so dang funny! xox

Jan: sounds like there's something you want to tell us... xox

Minka: you may be the first person in the history of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey to actually find something deep and/or meaningful in one of his quotes! i'm laughing... but with admiration, my beautiful friend! xox

TLP: not that you'd know a pair of handcuffs if they wrapped themselves around your wrists and/or the headboard, right? ; ) xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: i can think of a few episodes of The Twilight Zone that fit that description, as well! xox

G: if i've said it once, i've said it...twice: you will lovelovelove Jack Handey -- and, as your NBFF, with BoBo as my witness -- and given enough time and/or patience -- i intend to share as many of his half-witticisms with you as i can! xox

Theresa: one man's mutt is another man's meat. no... that's not right. i mean, one man's mutt is another man's master (more to the point -- most certainly in our household!) thank you! xox

Kyahgirl: well, only the really dainty ones, and only if they smell like roses. or vanilla. really, it depends on my mood -- i'm sure you can relate! ; ) xox

Diesel: not only did i do it, i enjoyed it so much, i did it again! then i bought the tee-shirt, but it shrank after one washing, so i think i used it to polish the furniture. xox

Old Mule: and by "they" you mean "she"; and by "got" you mean "gave it"; and by "too", you mean "to you". (and welcome! honored to see you here!) xox


Ha! I love that unbridled optimism and confidence.

Your pictures are fabulous.


snuppy...I was sorta ready for a new quote, like three days ago??????

everything dandy?


"A deadline is a form of madness that passes." -Doug Pascover

Does that help, Minka?


Actonbell: yeah -- it's tough to top Jack Handey for unbridled optimism... or is that an unbridled horse? ...i always get those things confused. and thanks! hard not to take good pics of this particular pup! ; ) xox

Minka: d'oh! i knew i forgot something today! oy, see why you need to come back here? i can't stay on any kind of schedule without someone nearby to remind me what i'm supposed to do next -- never mind when it's time get my next cup of coffee! ; ) xox

Doug: bingo. b.i.n.g.o. and thanks! xox


ahhh, I see how it all fits together now. I am glad I could help :)


hahahahahaa! Have I told you lately how much I adore your sense of humor and look at life? I do!!! Keep 'em coming, Neva. These are great. I always get a little energy surge after visiting. You make me smile! Thank you!


Minka: where would i be without you?? (don't answer that -- i do NOT want to know!) thank you for the grand inspiration, my sweet friend!! xox

Angela: awwww...*blushes* thank you. it always makes me smile to see you've been here, so i guess that makes us even! (yeesh -- now i feel like a big jerk, because i haven't been by your blog in a while. d'oh! i'll fix that right away!) xox

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