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25 March 2007



Such a true and liberating quote from that wonderfully wise Buddha (with a strong assist from the equally accomplished BoBo). So fitting for son #2 who is truly a butterfly waiting to spring from that self-inflicted cocoon. Happy Birthday Son! Another year closer to realizing your true self.


Ahh, this is beyond beautiful. Excuse me, I'm feeling a bit misty. Best to your son in the year ahead. Each butterfly eventually springs from its cocoon - I'm still waiting to come from mine :)

From this angle, Boy #2 is bearing a strong resemblance to Mama. XOX


Perfect quote. Meeting you guys actually made me feel that way. And all my best to that struggling beuatiful person. I saw his sparkle, and when he finds it, it will shine ever so bright!

xox to all of you!


Nice post today, Neva.

But didn't Buddha say that after he abandoned his wife and only child for a life as a homeless hermit?

...Or maybe I'm thinking of Rip Taylor...?


Awww...such a beautiful photo of a boy and his dog. Nice quote and sentiment on the birthday also. Struggles eventually fade...and a beautiful life will bloom.


Beautiful quotation and picture. Love and healing to you all.


Happy Birthday, Bobo. You lucky dog. Bet you know it, too.

Sam, Problemchildbride

Happy birthday indeed. That's a great shot!


Happy belated birthday to Second Son, or so he would be called if you were Chinese which you're not. Duh

The picture is beautiful. Shows both love and yearning.

Think most of us are waiting to spring from the cocoon.


That's so nice!

Happy belated birthday to your adorable son. And the pup is pretty cute too ;-)

Miz BoheMia

What a fabulous quote and what beautiful, beautiful words for one very handsome and oh-so-sweet-looking-though-I-don't-fully-see-his-face-though-I-do-see-enough-to-feel-his-energy-and-it-is-a-sweet-one-I-tell-you son!

May he have had a beautiful day and may this year be a very special and all in all fantastic one for him...

As for you amiga mia, thou waxeth poetic in such a beauteous way I tell you! *sigh* Thou art so dreamy DAS FO SHO!


My mom always told me that if I tilted my head back and laughed at the sky, it would get stuck that way.


Happy know the drill...with Marzipan decorations...and I am late again.
Ken and I had our 36th Wedding Anniversary on the 27th :) so I am late need to give me a list :)


Happy birthday to the other mother's son.


Honey: another year? oy. i was really hoping he'd "find" himself this time around. sigh. lovelovelove you AND your patience with us BOTH! xox

G: trust me, you never stop gettin' "misty" when it comes to your kids. sometimes you think about goin' Misty -- as in the great Clint Eastwood movie from the 70's, but not often... as for his resemblance to moi? yeah, he favors my side of the family, while our oldest son favors my ex's (poor kid). xox

Minka: he has a sparkle, that's for sure! and he SO enjoyed sharing a bit o' his birthday time with you (even if he DID miss the first half, due to a, er, communication breakdown...) xox

Al: didn't Rip Taylor give up comedy in order to become a Monk? or was that Tony Shalhoub? xox

Schnoodlepooh: aw... thank you for those kind words. one day at a time, right? right! xox

AP3: thank you! xox

O'C: i thank you, my son thanks you, and that Lucky Dog, BoBo thanks you, too! xox

Sam, PBC: woohoo! what a treat to see YOU here! and thank you. xox

Pia: "Second Son"... love that! as for waiting to emerge from our cocoons? i'm with you, my beautiful friend, i, too, expect (hope) for that to happen any day now. xox

Lisa B: the boy AND the pup are pretty darn cute, if i do say so myself! xox

Miz B: you and he share a birthday month, tho' missed sharing that zodiac sign by ONE DAY! oy... wonder if he'd be any more settled were he a Pices, rather than a thick-headed Aries. ah well, he's a beauty all right, often in spite of himself. and thank you, my dear friend, for you always touching, always wonderful/lovely/loving words! and happy belated birthday to you, as well!! xox

Diesel: hah! that explains a lot... xox

Mo'a: having now had the joy of seeing one of your marzipan creations in person, i know what an even more special and wonderful offer that is, my friend! i hope you and Heineken had a beautiful and perfect 36th anniversary! xox

Doug: other mother? or other son? obla dee obla di... la la la. life goes on. xox


Happy belated birthday. May there always be funny clouds.

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