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11 March 2007




wow, over here? fascinating:)

I love Kahil Gibran. Well not him, never met the dude...but I liek reading him a lot! Good quote too, youa re such a smart and well read little dog!


So least it often feels that way! Love you.


To reach the Dawn, I need to shove the trash can and slide a box of Tide out of the way. Cheer(s)!


Oh, Gibran's a gem. Where is his line of greeting cards, I ask you!


"Awake! for Morning in the Bowl of Night Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight"-Omar Khayyam, translation by Edward Fitzgerald.

Miz BoheMia

So simply put yet so touching, so deep... man does it speak volumes! It has me laughing and teary eyed all in one it is THAT beautiful... gives one hope to remember that, you know?

I miss you my dear friend and hope all is well with you! Besos to one I LOOOOVE to pieces!


Knowing a bit more about dawn today, I'd have to agree :). Wonderful timely quote - you and that pup make quite the team, NBFF. XOX


Yes dawn came too early today

I thought if I went to sleep at ten new time it would make up for it, but...

I explained the theory behind daylight savings time perfectly yesterday to a teenager and realized two things: without a clock in front of me, I had no idea whether it went forward or backward, and she's a junior in high school and should have been explaining it to me


Nor may one get grease out of one's way save by use of copious amounts of Dawn.


Good grief, G and Neva. I missed the connection. Apologies.


Clever, clever Bobo to find such a he not looking the wrong way? Spring ahead.
Khalil Gibran speaks volumes with that quote, good one to remember when all seems dark.


Bobo is so handsome from all angles :)


I love your puppy pictures.


For every up there's a down. For every good there's a bad. For every dog there's cat. (Which is basically what the previous one says.)


I reckon so.

(i'm in a clint eastwood mood today)


I lovely picture! And that's a beautiful quote.


I know you're tired, but you need to come play in my caption contest!

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