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02 March 2007



Happy Birthday Dr. Bill! We love you!


Happy Birthday, Dr. Bill! Smile on.


Happy Birthday, Mr. Bill. You must be a heck of a guy to get that kind of wish from Neva.

OK, I'm gonna go rinse.

Miz BoheMia

He is FO SHO hermanito! I am honored to know quite a few tidbits about Dr/Mr Bill as well as about Neva's sistie and I can say that, from what I have heard, he is an awe inspiring man indeed and one with such inner strength that makes bohemians everywhere wonder if they can even begin to aspire to reach the heights of the hombre's strength for he makes this bohemian look like a total wuss and that, well, sucks! *sigh* Oh well! ;-)

Dearest Neva, the words are beautiful, your sentiments and emotions true gifts and I am sure the feeling is reciprocal for anyone who knows you cannot help but LOOOOOVE you DAS FO SHO! Happy, happy indeed Dr/Mr Bill and WAHEY! A Piscean being? WOOOOHOOOOO! No wonder thou art cool!

He, he, hee! ;-P


Happy Birthday, Mr./Dr. Bill.

In my case, wrinkles indicate where my clothes have been.


Don't know jack about Dr. Bill, but, if he's got cake, I'll wish him a happy birthday!

Wrinkles? Get an iron!


Happy birthday, Bill.


That's a very nice tribute to Dr./Mr. Bill. He sounds like a great person.

And yes, I'll admit I have my share of those (smile) wrinkles. Eek.


Neva, what a wonderful tribute to your B-I-L

Smile lines are supposed to be a mark of true beauty


well this just made me cry. i'm so sorry it took me three days past his to see it and share it with my beloved. he, too, was touched and humbled by this lovliest of birthday wishes, adorned by a pic of our adored pup. thank you - again - my sister, for being such a beacon of light and a giver of love that endlessly fills my heart and spirit. i love you.


Happy Birthday to a wonderful Brotehr -in-law. I thought they didnĀ“t exist until now ;)


Honey: don't think i don't know that one of the reasons you married me was to have Bill for a "brother" (since you're both only children, i suppose it made sense). we lovelovelove him all right! xox

Cindra: thank you -- Billy's got a grand smile and he's not afraid to use it! xox

Doug: trust me, you would adore this man. he's brilliant, funny, wise, and, as an exceptional therapist, i believe he might even be able to help you out with some of those "curmudgeonly" issues you've managed to saddle yourself with over the years. xox

Miz B: you would SO go crazy for this man, FO SHO! (he's stalk-worthy, as evidenced by the number of female students who used to regularly camp outside his office on any given semester) trust me -- his psych classes were the most fun (and enlightening) i had in college. he's remarkable, and worthy of much praise and adoration! that said, it never occurred to me until rightthisminute that the fact that he's a Pices had anything to do with it, but i believe you may be right!! BESOS amiga!! and manymany hugs, too! xox

Diesel: you wear them well. xox

TLP: iron? we don't need no stinking iron! xox

Al: thanks, Al. xox

Schnoodlepooh: he is an amazing/inspiring/wonderful person. as for those wrinkles? hah. one look at my face and it should be clear to anyone that i've done a GREAT DEAL of smiling in my life, too! xox

Pia: honestly, i think that's true. or maybe i just hope that's true, since i sport more than a few, myself. sigh. xox

My Sistie: i'm so glad you saw this! and i know you'll believe me when i tell you it could have been SO much longer, had i the words to properly express my love/admiration/gratitude to our cute little Billy, for the man he is -- and always has been, for as long as i've been lucky enough to know him. i lovelovelove your honey SO SO SO SO much! (he's the only one who would ever have been good enough for my baby sis, i'll tell ya that!) and i LOVELOVELOVE you, too!! (i miss you... here's hoping i can make it out there to see you both, SOON!) xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Minka: trust me, Bill's one in a bazillion -- to know him is to absolutely adore/admire him. xox


Sorry here I am late for annother Birthday...well I will bake the cake know the drill Chocolate with Marzipan decorations...I need a list ;)

LOL Happy Belated Birthday Dr/Mr Bill...


Aw ... what a sweet post for your brother-in-law. You're a very sweet person! You made me smile. OK, it's easy to make me smile, but still! :)


Piping in with my belated birthday wishes, too, and big hugs for such a beautiful tribute. They're lucky to have you, too!! xoxoxoxo


Happy Birthday wishes to Dr. Bill. I am so sorry they are belated but the wish is just as heartfelt. Their doggie, the quote and your words make quite the celebration. Best to him and your sistie. XOXOX

Malnurtured Snay

pretty puppy!

Malnurtured Snay

He's very fluffy.


Mo'a: by all means, let us eat cake, and lots of it! xox

Dan: nothing i like more than a guy who's quick to smile! thanks. xox

Angela: *blushing* aw... thank you! xox

G: i'm tellin' ya, in a different life, he'd be YOUR B-I-L, too. and, there's no doubt in my mind you'd love & adore him as much as i do! thank you, my friend! xox

Malnurtured Snay: why thank you -- little Maxxy is, indeed a bundle of fluffy cuteness! xox


A very belated happy birthday to Dr./Mr. Bill, who sounds a bit like Dr. Weirsdo.
Who's the dog?

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