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18 February 2007



Deep thoughts from Honest Abe! A very Churchill-like sentiment...who knew? Great quote and, of course, picture of the BoBo.

Need you


Miz BoheMia

Oh you know I am taking this to heart, right? Right? :-)

Fabulous quote and oh so wise! Who knew it came from Abe Lincoln?

Goes hand in hand with "you being the master of your destiny" and such thoughts where, basically, we learn that our lives, experiences and realities lie in our hands... what we make of the experience is up to us FO SHO!

Loverboy and I are dabbling in such thoughts these days, focusing on creating much "forward moving energy... because it is all about the energy" as one wise woman recently told me and we have taken it to heart... 'tis the new bohemian way of life!

Faboo quote from an ever so fabulous, delightful *swoonalicious* and dreamy woman that thou art and that we, bohemians everywhere, just love to pieces, PIECES I TELL YOU!!!

Besos and all my love to you my dearest friend and here's hoping that your weekend be nothing short of wonderful!


Yes, good words from Abe - one of my favorite folks, by the way. And a lovely photo of the pup. Lots of snow! Yikes!


Most timely and appropriate quotation to get us through another winter month.


A very wise quote for Presidents' Day.


Inspiring words for dark days. Presidents don't talk like that any more.


A good lesson for all....and I agree with Al, they sure don't, at least the one we have presently....*shakes head*
Bobo is my veryveryvery best internet boy friend and the cutest....awwww!!!!!look at him in the snow....Is there anyone cuter?


I agree with Al. At this point I'd settle for think and act.


That's a great presidental quote--Lincoln was a genius.

Some days, I wish it were possible to live on autopilot, but...

Happy Monday:)


They certainly don't seem to make em like Abe anymore. As true for us as a country as it could be applied personally. Wonderful indeed and of course, Bobo is ever the photogenic pup.

This was supposed to be posted last night, but typepad wouldn't let me (I know since the speakers debacle, nobody's buying my tech problem stories).


You can fool all of the dogs some of the time and some of the dogs all of the time; but you can't fool all of the dogs all of the time.

I just made that up.

I love how he says anew with both thinking and acting.


And you ARE a girl! Yayyy! (go read my comment response to you and it will explain itself.)


As always a great quote...I needed that one as I begin my new week with my plate so full...oops...a pea just fell on the floor...thanks! xoxoxo


This is interesting: It turns out if you type into the URL box, there's no such thing!


Honey: yeah, that Lincoln was one smart dude. actually, i really love this quote, too. the idea of "changing the plan to accomodate the times" seems oddly relevant to many aspects of our own lives, don't ya think? lovelovelove YOU!! xox

Miz B: ah yes, my dear and sweet friend, i actually figured you'd be able to relate to this better than many -- i think there's a great message to be had here for all of us. when the 'old' course of action ceases to be effective, change the action. (my sister reminds me of this constantly, and i believe she's correct) i love you, TOO, and hope you weekend was one of peace and joy (and maybe one or two folks interested in that car/house you need to sell!!) xox

Schnoodlepooh: "yikes, snow!" indeed! xox

Jan: thank you -- i hoped it would strike a good chord, on any number of fronts (frozen and/or otherwise) xox

Nessa: he was a wise President, so it seemed fitting! xox

Al: certainly not the one we're stuck with we have now. sigh. xox

Mo'a: and BoBo can't WAIT to meet you, my friend! (oh how we hopehopehope that day comes soon!!) xox

Doug: it's all about "changing the story" (as my sister says). one day (one vote?) at a time... xox

Actonbell: sometimes autopilot is perfect, it only fails us when something "unexpected" gets in the way. (i can think of a few examples, beyond politics, where this most definitely applies) xox

G: we are NBFFs because if anyone can understand your tech problems, it's ME! (someday i'll share a few of my own technological faux pas, and you'll feel better, i promise) xox

Gawpo: i'm sure i've never heard Lincoln paraphrased so well! and thank you for your kind words, and for stopping by (loveloveloved that wonderful birthday post you did for our dear fried Logo. brilliant!) and, uh, yeah... i'm a girl. otherwise i'm a scary freak of nature. (always a possibility) xox

Cindra: heh, as long as you don't spill peas on my floor! and, oh, how i miss you! i'm such a doofus for not getting over to your fabulous blog more often (i'm a lame-o these days, just ask anyone... i'm lucky if i find time to read my *own* damn blog on any given day...sigh) xox

Doug: funny, i discovered the same is true for "". go figure. xox


...and with that, he suspended habeas corpus.


...has boy #2 memorized this yet?


Oh, what a great quote that was! Thank you for posting it. I've often thought of this: changing what you do to take into conderation the new situation, and to take care not to do something the old way just because that's how it has always been done.

Thanks, Abe, and thanks Bobo.


I know you're about to put up a new post but this one sure seems to fit today.

Love you


Happy Inappropriate Card Day!

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