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04 February 2007



Happy Birthday Terri!!

Such a nice note you wrote about your sister Neva. It is great to have a sister isn't it?




Happy Birthday Terri. :)


Happy Birthday, Terri. Beautiful tribute to your sister, Neva.


What a beautiful tribute. I've noticed how old age keeps retreating toward the horizen as I get closer to it. And I get steadily "more mature."


Funny you should post about sisters, puppy. I just bumped into mine, completely by accident, at a craft show on a remote Pacific island. Before that, I'd only met her once in my life, in 1982, and hadn't seen or spoken with her since.

If her friend hadn't connected us by the last name on my credit card that day...

You're right. Sisters are cool.


CJ: i'm very blessed to have a sister like Terri. trust me when i say she is more amazing than my words could ever convey. xox

Joel: and i haven't been able to sing her the "dumb" song i made up for her this year. (tho', maybe that's why she's avoiding my calls??) xox

Brian: thank you for that lovely thought! xox

Nessa: wish i could do justice to her, but my words are woefully lacking (speaking of birthdays, hope your brother had a good one, as well!) xox

Jan: i know JUST what you mean! the older i get, the younger i am (or think i am). amazing, isn't it? : ) xox

Al: okay, speaking of amazing, your story is, for sure! by "remote Pacific island" i'm guessing you mean Catalina, right? or did you go further west than we thought? whatever, sounds like it was a good experience, and yes, sisters are "cool". beyond cool, to tell you the truth, but then i've been best friends with mine since the day she was born. (and she and i have been thisclose from that day on!) xox


i am moved, as i often am, by the beauty of your words, the kindness of your heart, and the blessings of your love. thank you, my sister, for the lovely tribute. you are and always will be my hero. i love you.


What a wonderful tribute to your (gorgeous) sister! How lucky she is to have so much adoration from someone so wonderful as your (gorgeous) self. xoxox C


Happy birthday to Terri, who btw does NOT look elderly!


My Sistie: i wish i had the words to adequately express my love, admiration, and pride for, of and in you. you are a blessing, and one i am forever grateful to have in my life. who else can i talk to about neck skin that won't snap back into place in the same conversation as one about our sucky government? no one, i tell ya, no one! i truly love you, and look forward to the laughs we'll have in the future while dancing in the kitchen to some stupid song we just made up! just sorry i wasn't there to sing my latest stupid birthday song to you in person, but hope i'm out there to make it up to you soon. (better yet... i can't wait 'til we can go for one of those marathon walks in Hawaii and/or go out looking for "Magnum" sightings. AND find those sisters in that tree house on the big island. yessss precioussss... we can't waitss to do that!) xoxoxox

Cindra: you are WAY too kind - tho' not wrong about my sister, she is gorgeous. and smart. you know, Terri's the kind of sister kids would come up to you in school and say "THAT'S your sister? what the hell happened to you?" (we're talking straight A student, champion athlete, *and* first chair clarinet. oh yeah, she's accomplished all right. which is why i admire her so much) xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: well, neither she nor i are quite ready for walkers, but hey, a few years ago, gals "our age" would definitely have been considered well (well well) over the hill! (that said, she is SO aging better than i am, but then, she *is* my "baby" sis.)

btw -- Daisy is doing well, and i swear we'll be featuring her first official post any day now! xox


Sisters are wonderful. Mine were absolutely my best friends. They're all gone now. Doris and I were as close as any two women could be. I miss her like crazy, but have her in my heart.

Miz BoheMia

Oh how I HATE to be late to this specific party!

Happy belated birthday Terri!

I feel honored to have the priviledge to know some behind-the-scenes info on Terri and can attest to the fact that not only is this woman beautiful but amazing, strong, compassionate and simply fabulous beyond what words can convey (not unlike a Nevalicious version I know and love who is equallly fabulous!!!) and knowing what she has achieved, overcome and fought in life I can truly and honestly say that I am in awe of her and totally want to be her when I grow up!

AND... I will and forever remain her #1 fan because WOOHOO is she up-to-date and then some on skin flutes and velvet gloves! A faboo read I tell you and one I am addicted to and want MORE of!!!! MORE I SAY!

Fabulous words and tribute to your amazing sister my dearest and most fabulous Neva! May there be a reunion for the two of you in your destinies very soon and when there is, give each other a big hug from me too! :-)

Besos and here's hoping that you are enjoying a fabulous week oh amiga mia that I loveloveloooove oh so mucho and am still giddy with alegría from having had the pleasure to talk to yesterday!


Boy am I sorry to be late to my sister's who due to some genetic technicality we have been separted's party! Because by extension since Neva and I were separated at birth, so were we! Happiest of birthdays to you. Sisters are without a doubt a wonderful thing (esepcially when that is so actually the case)! You and Neva share a family resemblance both inside and out that is quite beautiful.

Ooh, can I get in on the moomoo's in Hawaii?!


Terri looks like a younger, prettier Markie Post in that pic. Happy b-day. Since I don't have a sister, can I adopt her? Or you? I'm not picky, but she should have good teeth.


Happy belated birthday, Terri. I recognize the sense of humor in calling yourself Maxxypawd. Reminds me of someone.


Happy Birthday!!!


TLP: i couldn't agree with you more, and i'm SOOOO sorry you no longer have your own dear sister in the flesh to hug and laugh (and cry) with -- i can't imagine what that kind of loss feels like, and hope and pray i never have to find out. xox

Miz B: awww, bless you, amiga! i know my sister smiled when she read your words, even as she blushed at the praise you so accuratley heaped upon her beautiful shoulders (trust me, she's the one in the family with the looks...and the big brains, too!). i'm lucky and MORE than grateful to have her in my life -- and oh-so-happy to have you there, too!! xox

G: why yes, indeedy, NBFF! some day (soon, i hope) you'll meet your long-lost sister, and the three of us will sit and laugh and catch up on all the "old times" we never got to share, even as we plot our escape to the islands where our dreamy (and/or roomy) "muu-muus" await!! xox

Diesel: oh trust me, she's WAY prettier than Markie Post -- imagine the reaction her students would have when she'd walk into the classroom, especially when she FIRST started teaching at the university at the tender age of 23 (and remember, the classes she taught were Human Sexuality) she's a good one, all right! and we'd BOTH be proud to be your "older" sisters, especially since we'd get to be "aunties" to those adorable kids of yours. xox

Doug: only you would take note of her bloggy moniker. and you're right, we may not share the same height (she's 5'8", i'm 5'5") or the same eye color (hers are green, mine are blue) but we definitely share the same sense of humor... *and* a passion for Mexican food. so there. xox

Pavel: thank you so much for those wishes! xox

Jenna Howard

Ooh happy birthday to Neva's sistah!

I don't claim my biological sister. She's crazy. My sister-in-law though...she's awesome mostly because she puts up with my brother.


Happy Birthday Dr. Terri. It has become my custom to be late for all Bobo and co birthdays....that however does not stop me from making a cake....chocolate with marzipan decorations....keep this up and I will gain all my lost weight back....but the kind heart that I am, I just cannot dissapoint.


I have one such sister as well. We sure are blessed, althoug I teased her senseless as a kid, she seems to have forgiven me when reaching adulthood :)
The tie between siblings is so precious and fills us with love and a feeling of belonging.
Happy birthdya to your sister and congratualtions to you two on belonging to each other!


Aw, that's a great tribute! Wonderful picture, too.


What a nice post. Happy Birthday Terri!

Neva...your sister looks like a lot of fun and so does Maxxy.


Aw, crap. Late to the party but wishing Terri a wonderful belated birthday. Happy birthday, Terri!!!


I could swear I commented on this a few days ago, but I don't see it.

So let's try again -- this is a wonderful post from you to your sister. Has she seen it? If not, please share it with her.

Happy Birthday Terri!


Jenna: thank you, sweet friend -- and i'm sorry your own sister turned out to be something less than "ideal", but i'm glad your sis-in-law has been able to take up the "slack (putting up with your brother, notwithstanding) xox

Mo'a: ooooh, and i will HAPPILY collect on that treat, on behalf of my sister, *and* claim her calories for myself, as well, being the unselfish sistie i am on any given day in front of any given chocolate cake! xox

Monika: thank you, my dear friend. teasing was never a big part of our childhood -- mostly because she was usually better than me at just about everything, and also because she and i found it necessary to join "forces" against our older sis, who, like Jenna's sister, is, technically "crazy" -- (tho' we do love her to pieces) we are blessed, indeed. xox

AP3: thank you! i know how important your own sisters are to you, so i know you can relate to this beautiful bond! xox

Teri: my sister is the most awesome/fun person i know -- and her fab little puppy is pretty darn amazing, too! xox

Angela: so sweet of you to say that! thank you!! xox

Dan: yep -- my sister is a remarkable/wonderful woman, and i fear my words fail to do her justice, but thank you for your own kind words. and, based on a comment she left a few days ago (as "Maxxypawd"), i believe she did, in fact, have a chance to see this! as you can see, i'm very proud of her, and lovelovelove her more than life itself! xox


Oh my GAWD! I am so in love!!! And your sister is cute, too. Leave it to Diesel to look a gift sister in the mouth. Good teeth. Crimmeny, Diesel. Happy Birthday belatedly, Terri!

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