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01 February 2007



Right up there with "Lather, rinse, repeat."


Or "slaughter, salt, saute"


Nice one, Doug. Further evidence that carnivores are, like, funnier.


No, don't stop. Don't stop!


A very Zen quote. Like cats, dog eat when they're hungry, sleep when they're tired.

Humans make things so complicated.


See it's knowing when you've reached the end that can lead to confusion.

Rabbit Rabbit NBFF - here's to a good month.


i adore that quote! (and perfect for 2/1:)


Very good advice, indeed!

Does doggy have a new do? Or is that tail fluff sticking up over the head?


Keep going and in the immortal words of Satchel Paige, "never look back cause they might be gaining on you."


Sensible advice!

Miz BoheMia

Oh no! What if there are no beginnings and no endings? *sigh*


Makes sense and yet it's total nonsense... I know you know what I mean and why you shall understand tht that is the very reason I think this quote faboo! Just as I think YOU utterly fabulous! Besos to you my oh-so-hard-to-catch amiga! :-)


Rabbit rabbit to you too! and you'll be the first person that we'll contact when we get to 'the end'. How about that?


...a belated Rabbit, rabbit! to you! And that's such good advice.


So easy to say, so hard to do.

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