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14 February 2007



If that's not romantic I don't know what is...perfect for this Hallmark holiday! We love Jack Handey and I love you!


A perfect fable for the day and, incidentally, a perfect cowboy love story. It reminds me of a story absolutely irrelevant to the day:

A cowboy died and at his funeral, the preacher stood up and intoned "Lefty isn't dead. He's just moved on."

A cowboy in the back stood up and shouted "I got five bucks says he's dead!"


Why is it, in these tales, the guy always comes first?

(think about it)


always knew bobo was a smart pooch!

♥Happy VD♥


Now, that's a different kind of Valentine's Day tale! Happy V-Wednesday to you!


I like these kind of love stories. What a quirky wonder you are. I heart you! xox


Honey: well, you know how i feel about "romance". actually, i happen to adore "romance", come to think of it -- but not the when it's dictated to me/you/us by card companies! lovelovelove YOU, today, tomorrow, and ALWAYS! xox

Doug: hah! love it! (glad you liked this one, too. i was so worried you'd find it too... sentimental) xox

Al: Al, who?

kidding! yep, and if he doesn't come, he breathes heavily, right? (i know what you're thinking: doesn't she ever get tired of that ridiculous joke? apparently not. or not yet. but that day is coming my friend.... and if it doesn't come soon, i'm sure, at the very least, it'll breathe heavily) xox

Karen: he's a honey, all right! Happy V-day to you, too! xox

Actonbell: love comes (or breathes heavily) in all forms, my friend. sometimes you get the "real deal" and sometimes it's a mound of dirt. i have NO idea what that means, but it seems to fit well with this quote, don't ya think? (mostly because this quote means nothing, either!) xox

G: and I HEART YOU, NBFF! by the time we're through with all this bloggy nonsense, you'll surely know and/or love the entire library of Jack Handey Quotes as much as i do, or my name isn't... uh... Shirley. ("Quirks R Us", my friend, right?) xox


better late than never my dear Neva....I fly by and wing an arrow your way!!



What a wonderful story. I just can't get enough of Jack Handy. Great day to post this, Neva! Hugs!


I hope you had a lovely 14th of February...Take out involved on any level?


I LOVE Jack Handey. That was a perfect quote. I think I love you!


Sometimes, secretly I think that Doug's a romantic at heart

That was a wonderful quote

Urban Bourban Ninja

erm. ok. but cowboys didn't go to heaven for shooting people. rustlers did.


You know, there is someone for everyone. Well said - here here.


Is that a true story?


Boy, and I thought I overslept!

Miz BoheMia

Oh I am late to the partay once more! Forgive me amiga mia! My computer was on the fritz, an imageshack watermark had invaded my blog for the last number of weeks and overwhelmed my OCDishness so badly that I barely have been online and not once in my blog! Pathetic, I know, but true! So Loverboy, to get me back into the thick of things, totally restored my laptop and it is all back to being neat and pretty and fully functioning which means I get to come here! WOOOH!!!

Cause I missed you my dear friend and what a delightful post to pop in and read! Unique love story FO SHO! Bohemians sure are great fans of those! :-) Hope you had a faboo day but forgive me if I refrain from wishing you a happy VD... "venereal disease" keeps popping into my noggin' when I read that abbreviation! Ay! So I will wish you a happy belated Valentine's Day! Man, have I rambled! Tends to happen when OCDish brains are being reqired! Forgive me!

'Tis all a way of simply saying you are very much loved, VERY MUCHO I TELL YOU, by bohemians everywhere as well as missed! Now why could I not have said that, you ask? P-SHAW! 'Twould be out of character I suppose! *sigh* Oh well! ;-)

I hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend and I hope to talk to you soon! Besos!


That's funny and very fitting for Valentine's Day.


Crap, Neva. That is so funny. I love Jack Handey.

Echoing Cindra: I think I love you, too. So what am I so afraid of? Isn't that what love is made of?


Crap, Neva. That is so funny. I love Jack Handey.

Echoing Cindra: I think I love you, too. So what am I so afraid of? Isn't that what love is made of?


Kyahgirl: i "heart" you too, my friend! xox

Angela: by now it should be clear how fond i am of Jack Handey, myself! xox

Minka: take-out? yes indeedy (the rare days are ones that don't involve take-out, i fear!) xox

Cindra: the feeling is mutual! on all fronts! xox

Pia: aww... thank you, dear friend. and yes, i suspect he's more romantic that he cares to let on (doesn't fit with that "curmudgeon" persona he's worked so diligently to develop, does it?) xox

Terry: "someone for everyone". a'yup! xox

Diesel: yes. xox

Doug: you did. xox

Miz b: you missed nothing, dearest amiga, do you hear me, NOTHING!! 'tis not a partay until you show your happy/beautiful face, by now i'd think you'd know that!! but thank you for your lovely wishes -- and same to you! (sooooo sorry you were having problemos with that 'puter... been there/done that/don't wanna do that again!) lovelovelove to YOU! xox

Nessa: not sure why "romance" brings out the silly in me, but it does, and nothing says "silly romance" like Jack Handey conveying a tale of Cowboy Love. xox

Gawpo: so afraid you said (sang?) it twice? hee hee! thanks for your kind words/thoughts/repetition. xox


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