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26 February 2007



He's such a cool guy.


Perfect-what a great quote by a great teacher. Puppy looks nice in the winter weather! xo


I just hope I am strong enough to follow these instructions when presented with darkness.
But it is so true, whenever surrounded by bad things, focus on the good things instead...make sit easier to breathe through it :)


Morning Neva,

Thanks for the timely message.


Love the the you.


Well, I'll do the judgin'. Here come da judge, here come da judge. Right from Beautiful Downtown Burbank.


Order in the court cause here come da judge! Love that.

Without hope, the mail would only contain a pile of bills. Well, this is a nice reminder that we should all carry with us. Thank you. xox


The universe is the product of a far greater intelligence than ours. Good advice not to judge it.


The universe is the product of a far greater intelligence than ours. Good advice not to judge it.


You don't need me to say it, do you?


That is a most excellent mantra. And I see the dalai is looking as handsome as ever:)

Malnurtured Snay

The dog looks like he's saying, "I want to go in where it's warm and I can curl up in front of a fireplace while you fetch me a hot cocoa."

Er. Wait, that'd be the thought process of a cat. I'm sure the pup is saying "Bow wow?"


After reading all the comments I forgot my clever comment

The universe might not judge, better not as I think it knows all my secrets, but too many humans who inhabit it do

That wasn't my clever comment

Miz BoheMia

Oh this quote hits home to such a HUGE degree it just made me laugh... that and because it is such a thing a Buddhist monk would say!

You know, I am separated by two degrees of separation from the Dalai Lama as one of our close friends, a Tibetan Rinpoche no less, is his personal student and divides his time between San Francisco and Dharamsala. Lil' BoheMia had the honor of being the very first one to see Rinpoche's personal altar in his home and has a close connection with him. And I am lucky enough to possess a sandalwood mala that the Dalai Lama had given to my close friend Lama Chonam, who in turn gave it to me... and so when hanging out with them such quotes, with quite the Buddhist humour thrown into the mix, was the order of the day!

As for the quote itself... brilliant! I guess my mission for now is hope and once in San Francisco focus? I can live with that! ;-)

Thank you for calling yesterday my dearest of friends! I was ecstatic to be able to talk to you, in spite of the stupid computer not cooperating, and am thankful for you and just love you to pieces and hope that this week ends up being nothing short of spectacular for you amiga mia! Besos and mucho amor desde el fondo de mi alma...



I found myself stuck in line at McDonald's once, behind the Dalai Lama. He couldn't decide whether he was hungry enough for a happy meal or just a small salad.

Or was that Donald Trump? Man, I'm always getting those guys confused.

Tom & Icy

It will be nice when that snow is finally gone, but we just accept what is without question, but not without a groan. We're just thankful the humans let us stay in the house. -Icy


I judge the Universe all the time. And you know what it does? It just sits there staring back at me. Universes can be like that! :)

Hiya Neva!

somewhere joe

Hope in the dark, focus in the light. Wow, that about covers it. Bet he said it with that inimitable dali lama giggle too. Gotta love him.

I get angry at the universe, but I wouldn't know how to judge it... compared to what? ("My ex-universe - now THERE was a universe, not like you, you little...")

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