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11 February 2007



So that's why we've gotten along so well for the last 22+ years! I believe Antoine was on to something...great "Valentine's Day" quote wonderfully illustrated by the one and only BoBo and Sophie...our two other resident "peas in the pod."

Love you.


Ah, that's a great one, Neva! Definitely the secret for keeping it together for so long:)


Love it! Wonderful thought I actually believe it to be true. (Unfortunately, I know this because I know what happens when you're both not lookin in the same direction.)

Thanks for sharing this one.


What an excellent quotation to begin a week with Valentine's Day in it. Indeed it is looking in the same direction together.


Your dogs should be models in magazines.

Miz BoheMia

Ooooh! I loveloveloveloooove LOVE Antoine de Saint Exupery! FO SHO! Though I have only read "The Little Prince" does it make you believe me if I tell you I read it three times and in a different language each time? ;-P

Fabulous quote my dear friend and oh so very true! And I would add that looking in the same direction is precious in oh so many ways, especially when one of the pair may occasionally lose her ground and/or vision and her partner holds the vision steady until she can join up again! Oy! ;-P

Yep, we are at a crossroads yet again and this quote comes at such a oh-my-god-you-just-will- not-believe-it-because-that-is-how-right-on-it-is time in our lives, at a crossroads meriting input from a friend with the initials PC whom you know oh-so-well, hopefully today if time and life allow and yes you will be the first to hear about it and so... all this to say... thank you.

I hope all is well with you my dearest and sweetest amiga and I hope to talk to you soon (as well as the marido FO SHO!)... Big boho besos and all my love...


Love is looking in the same direction, toward the stars with the open manhole cover just in front of you.


Doug, you hopeless romantic - you left out the banana peel!

This is a lovely and true and wonderful quote. Something to remember for those times when our vision gets murky. Thank you.

Oh and thanks MizB for reminding me of The Little Prince, I read that to Tali when she was but a wee wee one snuggled in by me.

XOX and a speical XOX for Valentine's.


Very nice, indeed. Too bad it takes us so long to figure that out sometimes...but we hopefully DO figure it out! XOXOXO

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