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28 January 2007



It's so true and so hard.

I find that if I blog about things that I'm angry at it generally lessens and sometimes avert but I sound like the last angry woman--when I'm not at all--just getting out the demons

Miz BoheMia

Oooh! Very well said Pia! Writing in hyphenated rants I get quite the email or two of worried blogosphere friends... chances are that when I have written about it I am much better than when I don't!

As for the quote, utterly true and fabulous! My bouts with anger, when younger, lasted eternally and it was painful. Now, it dissipates pretty quickly although I need to allow it to materialize within me, look it in the eyes so that I may soo thereafter release it and move on. A VERY tough lesson but a very necessary one FO SHO!

May it not be a sentiment present in your life my dearest Neva and may you awaken to an utterly fabulous, and always much deserved for everything to be just so I tell you, week and a delightful day! Muchos besos always!!!



That is a powerful quote from a favorite teacher of mine...and the photo fits. I hope that this was a cleansing thing for you...maybe it was just a quote and that is okay too...but i feel you. xoxoxoC


True, but it's the only way to make a s'more.


Please make sure our youngest son reads this (okay both boys). Such a true statement complimented by the wonderfully wise stare of the Dalai BoBo.


Okay - ignore Doug, ignore Doug, ignore Doug...okay I can't and I'm laughing. Damn him.

Yes wonderful words. I remember as a youngster getting all balled up with the injustices of life just festering inside. Once in a very great blue moon, Tali gets that look and her cheeks puff up and she throws something. It is then that I am sure to help her work it through because I know the terrible feeling of anger held onto.

What a great quote and photo to start the week with. Thanks NBFF.


I'm going to print this out and hand it out to people who need to internalize the message. Some people seem to wear their anger as a badge.


This is why I use a hot poker.


Such a good quote for right now. That's a lesson I wish I could master, but I think it takes a lifetime to get it down.

Ayatollah Mugsy

So true, so true.


Yeah. True. But if you're mad enough, you are happy enough to think that you might just burn the other guy too.
But I'll take your advice. From now on I'll just poke'm in the eye with a burnt stick.


Good one! And good advice, as usual:)


Very good. A reminder I will use for my self. As I get older, I realize how pointless it is.


Pia: i think venting is a good thing, because it's just that, venting. especially because, once you get it out of your system, you really can move on to other things. i suspect a few folks in my house would tell you i often sound like the "last angry woman" on any given day -- it's good to know i'm not alone in my "angry woman-ness"! xox

Miz B: to hold on and NOT to rant/rave/hyphenate is to develop ulcers *and* bad karma. and we can't have that! besos and all good wishes for a most delightful week to you, too, dearest amiga! xox

Cindra: last week was a rough one, that's for sure. afraid i've been succumbing to too much negativity of late -- which hopefully explains, in part, why i've not been around too much these last few weeks. i'm WORKING on it, and i thank you for you patience *and* for your kind words. xox

Doug: s'more what? (kidding, and hahahahahaha!) xox

G: ignore Doug? hah! good luck with that one, i tell ya! and i agree with you/Tali (and Pia), let it go. guess this is why i wasn't MORE upset when my youngest son put his fist through the wall last week. oh wait, i WAS upset -- but better the wall than my other son's face, right? xox

Jan: and it festers inside of them -- i feel sorry for people like that, because i think they just wrap themselves in unhappiness, and, in the process, manage to spread it around. xox

Diesel: in order to distance yourself from your anger -- or hold off those who are angry at you? xox

Zeus: indeed, my friend, indeed. one day at a time... xox

Ayatollah Mugsy: a'yup. xox

TLP: a sharp burnt stick. xox

Actonbell: i'm sometimes better at finding/giving it than i am in taking it. thanks! xox

Nessa: and you'll have that reinforced over and over and over throughout your lifetime. anger isn't pointless, holding on to it is. xox

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