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04 January 2007



HA! What a great surprise. Took me a sec...I had tightened my mental muscle expecting to have to dig deep for some philosophical gem and lo and behold...hilarious! Can't go wrong with Handy.

Well played Babe!


Jack Handy freaking rocks. I love Jack Handy. Almost as much as I love Bobo. Thanks for the quote, Neva. You rock!! xoxoxo


That is excellent and too funny! I'm liking Jack Handy.

Lila tov (good night :)

Miz BoheMia

Uh-oh! I am so outta the Jack Handey loop! I know him not!


That's it... I am a loser, FO SHO!


have a great 2007, honey!


Honey: sometimes a girl's gotta get silly -- that said, i'm sorry you're SO familiar with this aspect of my personality. thank God you enjoy laughing *at* me as much as you enjoy laughing *with* me (and *bonus* to the fact we both ADORE the bizarre humor of Jack Handey, eh?) lovelovelove YOU! xox

Angela: Jack Handey does rock. i swear the most difficult part of using his quotes is trying to pick out the best one. each makes me laugh more than the one before it. ah well -- fortunately, i've got lots of pics of Bobo to pair with more of Jack! xox

G: i LOVE these lessons! and i'm so happy to have helped introduce you to the very funny (very obscure) sayings of Jack Handey. i can't believe you're not familiar with this stuff -- but it'll be my pleasure to help you read and laugh at each and every one of 'em! xox

Miz: ah, my sweet friend, you'd have had to watch WAY too much TV to have heard of him in the first place (he's kind of a "creation" from Saturday Night Live). Jack Handey's sage "sayings" are, in fact, just odd things that don't really make sense, but they do in a way, but it's the opposite way in which they're supposed to -- and they're even MORE funny when you hear them "read" by "Jack", because he sounds so darn benevolent. and they used to use lovely music and warm & fuzzy pictures for illustrations, which just made the joke all the more funny. guess you had to be there... (let's see if i can't help you become acquainted with a few more down the road) besos, to you too, amiga!! xox

Karma: i hope you have a absolutely PERFECT 2007, too. it's good to see you back in "circulation", trust me, you've been missed! xox


The animals are striking curious poses again. Could it be the heat?


Al: BoBo's not used to seeing so much sunshine this time of the year. he's a direct descendent of animals bred in Tibet, so he's all about the snow. no snow make BoBo very sad. plus, those crows really get on his nerves. xox


Caw caw...


Caw caw...


TLP: haw haw! ('course, i think he heard ya the first time) xox


Have you heard of Blog Hopping? I've just hopped to your site. Come visit MINE where I've left a link to YOURS! (This is NOT an ad.)


Silly indeed.
Happy New Year. I hope Daisy is not causing any trouble.


Is Miss Tulare County home? Can she come out and play? :)


Skittles: gee. what a concept... why didn't I think of that? xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: that Daisy hasn't shown her face around here as yet -- i'm sure she's just trying to acclimate to the new time zone. that said, i'm looking forward to A) meeting her and B) putting her to work! xox

Dan: hah! well she's home, but she's put her tiara *and* her sash away for the night. maybe tomorrow? xox


Now that egocentric.


That's what Brody looks like when the wind blows his long locks. Poodles aren't supposed to look like that! He's scheduled for a haircut next week.


Ha! I love Jack. Good choice. And that is one sexy puppy pose! XOXOXO C.


Nessa: indeed... but then, if perception isn't about egocentricity, i don't know what is! xox

Schnoodlepooh: ah, my dear friend, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you -- and i havehavehave to go over to your site rightthisminute in order to admire those fabulous shots of your amazing "family" for myself! (i did that over Joel's shoulder, yesterday, but it's not really the same thing now, is it?) xox

Cindra: heh... if by "sexy" you mean "cute when he's looking over his shoulder in case one of those big bad hawks that nest in our trees tries to fly by" then i agree! xox


Reading this again and thinking of Daisy, I must admit that we all like to feel we are the central concern of the universe from time to time.

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