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20 January 2007



Laughing out loud! That Einstein dude was smart and funny and, at least in this case, so right! Great quote and beautiful picture of our little Sophietoes. Love you!

Miz BoheMia

Oh crap! If he wasn't sure then I am doomed, DOOMED!!!

*sobs as she walks away distraught, DISTRAUGHT I TELL YOU*


That is a great quote. And works well with your Husband's.


Do I detect a theme here....How true this quote is, I will not go into a long story, but this phrase describes the incident I had recently.


I wonder what happened on that particular day to bring that comment out of Einstein's mouth.

Did someone cut him off in traffic?

Accidentally pour a cup of hot coffee on his lap?

Wash away all of his calculations when he specifically left a note not to touch?


Well, it has to make you wonder, doesn't it? Thank goodness we don't have to worry about dog stupidity (see Big Dave's post).


Some have theorized that the universe is finite and shaped like a donut.


Some think the universe goes through cycles of expansion and collapse. Stupidity is more of a constant.

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