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22 January 2007


Jamie Dawn

Happy Birthday to HIM!!!!

I love the "creation in progress" part.
That is the truth. Kids can be well behaved, kind people one day and rude, obnoxious creatures the next.
That's when we say, "You're just like your father!!"

I hope he has a great day!!

Miz BoheMia

Dios mio he is such a handsome man! Your baby is a man! Mind boggling I tell you!

Happy, happy to your eldest joy indeed! May he have a wonderful day and a fabulous year ahead of him!

And the quote? It goes to show how lucky your young men are to have such a wise and loving soul as you for their mother! I loved it and, as always, it is always of comfort to me here, in my exiled corner of the world so gracias and keep these faboo thoughts and quotes coming!

May you have a beautiful week my dearest Neva! Mucho love and muchos besos!



Hey, Happybirthday to the puppy's pup.


Happy B-Day, Creation 1.

Right now life is about creating myself some breakfast.


Happy Birthday to a Creation I am happy to have met. Wishing you a wonderful year of creating!

Lovely quote NBFF, I think I have something in my eye. XOX



Wow what a great picture and appropriate quote...beautee-ful


Hey, a birthday boy! I'm late, but happy happy day to him:)

And Kurt Vonnegut says that we're here to fart around.


Whoo Hoo! A Birthday? Who's bringing cake? No one signed up yet? I WILL!! Happy birthday to you, if you're reading. If not, I'm still sending good thoughts your way that should hopefully be there before day's end. Happy day!


Happy Birthday to you # 1.
Neva are all the men in your family as handsome as the two in the photo?

Geoge Bernard Shaw? I though I had said that LOL...

How do you like the cake I made for your Birthday? I did not want to leave you out....Made one for Joel on his Birthday and one for your Mother on hers
The decorations are edible....marzipan ;?


Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy.


Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still. -- Lou Erickso


Happy birthday! Love the quote. Finding oneself has been way overrated.


Happy birthday Puppy Toes!


I mean, young male owner of Puppy Toes.
Sheesh, I'm tired. Forgive my ridiculous night-shift working self. I really should be in bed!


Happy Birfday. One day we hope you will write a book about how you were raised by doggies.


Happy birthday to your oldest creation in progress

Sure hope that Shaw was right as that's how I think life should be lived, but on a beach where it's always in the 80's




sorry...side-tracked for a second.

Happy birthday to the creation in progress. He has your genes, I am not worried :)


JD: and a Happy Birthday is exactly what he had! xox

Miz B: not sure he'd agree with you as to the "wisdom" of his mother, but thanks for the kind thoughts. (just wait, for there seems to come a time when even tho' they *know* you're wise-ish, they don't care. sigh) xox

Doug: the pup and the puppy thank ye kindly. xox

Diesel: spoken like a true creationist. xox

G: trust me, NBFF, the older the get, the fewer tears/more pains in the ass. not sure why this is so, but it really is! oy. xox

Honey: been savin' that pic for a few months for just this silly quote. NOW, if we can just get the "boy" to read/take to heart/follow... we'll be set! xox

Actonbell: hah! too bad, for "fart around" is what my kid (who takes after his mom) does best! xox

Angela: cake? cake?? where were you when i needed that? not here, i tell ya! xox

Mo'a: i am blessed to be surrounded by handsome men - some (Joel) a bit more thoughtful than others (my sons) but still... i'm a lucky girl! xox

Nessa: why thank you kindly! xox

TLP: that's a great quote! didn't that guy also say something about gardening takes a lot of sweaty water, or some such thing? whatever, he clearly knows what he's talkin' about! xox

Weirsdo: i keep finding myself, only to lose myself again, when i'm not looking. hate when that happens. xox

Cheesmeister: why thank you SO MUCH!! (i knew what you meant, and i appreciate the fact that you took time to say it, especially when you're so tired!) xox

Joy: one can only hope it's a best-seller, otherwise i don't know HOW he's going to care for us in our old age! xox

Pia: may i please please PLEASE join you on that beach? not sure i'd be able to create anything, but i'd be more than happy to watch (and admire) while you did! xox

Monika: i keep telling him all his *good* traits are from me, and the *crappy* ones are from his dad (my ex-husband) -- not sure he's buying into it. fortunately, i do think he's managed to acquire a few good things from Joel, via "osmosis". i sure hope so, it may be our only hope! xox


Happy Birthday! I'd offer a gift, but, what does one get for a guy who knows everything? :-)

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