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01 January 2007


Miz BoheMia



Miz BoheMia

OK! Now I can say that what a beautiful quote! Appropriate for today and for everyday...

There is so much I could say about it and the myriad issues it tackles and angles one can see it from but bottomline, it speaks for itself...

More importantly, I wanted to drop by to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be nothing short of fabulous for you, Joel, the boys, the puppies and the kitty... may it be replete with health, happiness and hey, why not some wealth I say, WHY NOT???

Muchos besos my dearest Neva and may this first day of the year have been fabulous for you!


Agree with Miz B., a perfect, wonderfully simple quote for this first day of 2007. Nicely played dear Snuppy Dear!!

Okay, this is the part where the rest of you may want to move along, divert your eyes, scroll quickly's personal.

Neva, I love you and love the fact that we just spent our 22nd New Year's eve together in our own "simple," yet (for me) perfect way...watching TV, sipping tea, totally content. Thank you for that - you are my life...forever.

Joel back to our regularly scheduled programming.


May the new year bring you much joy, but you're right, you have to enjoy it each and every day!


I reckon so.


Happy New Year, Neva!


Perfect quote. Have a wonderful 2007


arf, arf!

happy new year!!


So true, there will be beautiful moments in this day that will only happen today and we have to be open to embracing them.

What a great start to the new year. Thank you dear friend of mine. xox

Jenna Howard

I love this quote. I absolutely adore it.

Happy New Year chicky to you & yours.

Now I'm off to go get more pocket is empty.


What about this week?


Happy New Year.

Thank you for 2006 and looking forward to a great 2007. :)


Zoze germanz! Zey know what zey are talking about!

Happy 2007 to all two-legged and four-legged members of teh Neva/ Joel household!


Liebe Herr Goethe!

I have a few days that I'd dearly like to trade in on some futures, since you've promised me such a high price. Can we do a deal?

Tschuss, Der Amoebe



Happy New Year! Be well and be happy.


Hey! I left a comment here... or, did I dream it?

Well, if I had, I would have said that this quote is the absolute God's-honest truth. Thanks, Neva.


Of Course. How perfect. Happy New Year this day and every day.


Crap, and I missed it.


Indeed! Happy New Year to you and yours! XOXO C.


Great quote, as usual, puppytoes. Happy New Year!


AIEEEE! i started to respond to each and every wonderful (and meaningful) comment... and discovered i don't have the words (or maybe that was patience?) to thank you all. i'm hoping it will suffice it to say:

HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear and wonderful (and snarky and curmudgeonly) Friends!

and sign it With Love, from Joel & Neva, and our silly/happy/lovely Puppies!

May 2007 fill ALL of your lives with Wonder, Joy, Love, and, above all else, Peace. xoxo


The moment is everything. Happy New Year.


What a beautiful photo and wonderful reminder. Happy 2007 to you and yours, Neva. May all your wildest dreams come true. (And may they live up to your fantasies of them.)


perfectly said.


Aww Joel. His sweet comment reminds me that on Dr. Weirsdo's and my engagement anniversary, Jan. 8, we also celebrate the importance of each day together.

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