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14 January 2007





A very wise man and a statement perhaps truer today than ever before.

Miz BoheMia

Very, very true... spoken by a truly wise man whose loss was a great one to this world...

Besos my dear friend!


Schnoodlepooh: and then some! xox

Honey: those were my exact thoughts when i found this particular quote. powerful statement then -- powerful/potent statement today. lovelovelove YOU (another thing that holds true year after year) xox

Miz B: it's difficult not to imagine what the world might be like had he lived longer -- he was a great man with a greater vision, and a dream we can only pray comes true at some point in time. and besos upon besos to you, too, amiga! xox


Great quotation; and a super explanation, too, of why we live today in such uniquely dangerous times.


Among so many brilliant and profound quotations you found maybe his only ironic one.

Although, I have to admit, when I heard his comment that we either live together as brothers or die seperately as fools I considered it a choice.

My last home in Atlanta was about a mile from where he was born and Ebenezer Baptist Church. I used to make that walk often.


The older I get, the smarter MLK, Jr. seems.


Amen to this. Amen indeed.


The more we learn, the more true his words become.


Fantastic--a quote from MLK! And so true.


Great choice of quotes today...said by a great man...glad I came by.


Have nothing to say that hasn't been said.

Next year wil be 40 years--two generations that could have grown up differently, and in a different better world.


Wise words indeed. Speaking of which, hope Daisy is not getting you down.

But Pia, the world could have been so much worse, too, without him.


I wish the like sof him were walking around today, maybe we all have a better chance :)

But as many things...teh theory is easy, brilliant and logical and than our humaness gets in teh way. Sometimes for the good, but soemtimes also for the worse!

It is just such a tough thing to get it right!


great quote neva!


It was said above, but leave it to you to find this quote honoring the great MLK, Jr. Perfect. XOX


Man, ain't that the truth.


what a great quote, when they did the tribute to MLK on the news Monday I had tears in my eyes, I may not have been around when he lived/died but what he did moves me.

Tom & Icy

Those young doggies are so beautiful and well groomed! We are very old dogs and have been hit by cars, so it is painful when we get baths and brushed and groomed. Besides, after a bath, we like to go out and roll in the dirt!


Al: yes, i couln't agree more, my friend. xox

Doug: i suppose the more ironic (or is that moronic) aspects of human nature were too much to escape his eye. xox

TLP: the older i get, the more i appreciate him, that's for sure (tho' i've always been a fan) xox

Zeus: amen to that. xox

Brian: a'yup! xox

Actonbell: hard NOT to find a great quote from such a great man... xox

Cindra: well i'm glad you came by, too!! and thank you. xox

Pia: i know -- 40 years and yet there continues to be agregious pockets of injustice -- it breaks the heart, even as it boggles the mind. xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: girlfriend, lovelovelove that "glass half-full" attitude! as for Daisy? she's delicious, and i don't mean as a chew-toy, for we don't let the pups anywhere NEAR her (they're curious, but she's clearly not comfortable with so many canines in such close proximity) she's feverishly trying to wrap her head around the work ahead of her, i believe she'll be popping her head into the Snark any day now!xox

Minka: yeah, but therein lies the rub (for me) it IS easy, and yet so many are so willing to continue with the status quo. i believe as parents, one of our greatest jobs is to teach our children to live in a "color blind" world. i hate the word tolerance, because it indicates some are in a position to "tolerate" others. who's better than whom? that's always been my question... tho' i'm certain the ultimate answer is: no one. xox

Kyahgirl: thanks! xox

G: i had a feeling you might appreciate the depth and the wisdom of this quote, 'cuz that's just the kind of lovely person you are. xox

Diesel: i'm afraid so. xox

Jodes: i was pretty young when he was around, but, honestly, i think the majority of folks appreciate him -- and his amazing message of love/peace/equality -- more today then they did back then. xox

Tom & Icy: old and battered, and yet beautiful and spunky. as for the bath/brushing/roll in the dirt? the same holds true for our 3 pups, as well! xox


Can't wait for Daisy's debut.

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