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14 November 2006



Great shot, and great piece from Dr. Suess. That's one of my favorite books, my parents gave it to me after graduating from college.


I would like to go to our house by the ocean. Of course we currently don't have a house by the ocean but I'm pretty sure if I want it bad enough and intend to move in that direction it should one day be there, right? Please? Good action photo and wonderful quote - that ole Doc Suess was a wise one for sure. Love you!


Got any green eggs and ham to go with that?

Bussie Kissies



Miz BoheMia

FO SHO! Which is why I am going home! YEAH BABY YEAH!


Oh puppies, you sure make me think anything is possible when I visit you! xox

PS: Thanks for this sweet reminder. Julian's preschool teacher gave his "graduates" book. I have to read it to him tonight!


That was me, I have so many different monikers!


OH, I love that book! That verse is something I need to print out and put it on my wall as a reminder.

G, you really should go by Lampy, you know... That what the voters decided...(smile)


erm.... interesting thought "YOU are the one who'll decide where to go..."

funny my head says one thing, my heart another and my feet are somewhere else... lol

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


I'm glad I came by, I am, I it's time to go and make some green eggs and ham.

After that I might try on a few winter hats...or maybe just play with my neighbors cats!

Ciao bella...great photo, great caption!


hiya buddy. so, where ya goin'?


What if I have brains in my shoes and feet in my mouth?


Are Dr. Seuss and Dalai Bobo at an intellectual impass here?


Brains ... Shoes ...

I think I have a lot to learn yet.

Hi, my name is Della. I've hijacked my roomie's blogroll to introduce myself and our new site together.


that's a great photo and fits perfectly with the Seuss quote. whee....


Brains and shoes...*sigh*...if only...

Great picture of the pups, btw.


Aw, I love coming here. You have great quotes and cute puppies. I like that about you. And people, take heed. It's a good quote. The world is full of too many victims...take the wheel and go places.


OK!!!It is Saturday and we are friends again.... ;)
Love Dr. Seuss.
When my son went to college he got two "OTPYWG"
When he graduated he got one.....then he went on an exchange to London and when he left London, a going away gift book guessed it "OTPYWG" is there any wonder why I love this book.....and you by the way :) Friends? Could there be cuter doggies anywhere in the wold?


Everyone has to love "Dr. Seuss"... perfect!


This poim is so deep and meeningfull to me rite now!!!!!!!
Onely have Barby brane's wich are air!!!!

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