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08 November 2006



OK, but wasn't he from Baltimore?


Doug: can't have everything. xox


was just going to write the lyrics to Baltimore, but can't remember them--Nina Simone

And Baltimore's a great little city--on my long list for moving---very long list, but...


Cute! But, maybe too cute. Be careful how loudly you say that, poochie. Some Hollywood celeb might come and, under cover of night, adopt you.

(From Mencken, I like "We must respect the other fellow's religion, but only in the same sense
and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.")


ha ha ha ha ha that is funny. They are right there is always something to be thankful for. Yesterday I spent a lot of my day being thankful!


That Sophie...she's a sassy one and way too liberal to be GOP. Fun quote you!

Miz BoheMia

Ha, ha, haaaa! It reminds me of a Woody Allen movie, Everyone Says I Love You (one of the many I love), where one of the characters, a Republican, is rushed to the hospital I think after he faints or something and they find out he was not having enough oxygen flow to the brain. Once he is "fixed", he is back to being a Democrat... and there was a brilliant line in there, a very casual one just "thrown in" about how his being a Republican was due to the fact that there was not enough of an oxygen flow to the brain...

I botched it up by not remembering but lord knows how long ago I watched that!

Loverboy would roll his eyes at me on this one but, for the most part, Republicans scare me... I kid you not!

Hope you are having a beautiful week my dear and amazing friend! Besos!


I rejoice's the happy butt an' the pup!


Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!


Smart and joyful Sophie :)


I prefer: "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." :)


Mencken rocked!

By the way, how in the world do you get to take so many photos of dogs? Do you own half of the dogs your side of the Mississippi (or even my side, for that matter)? Or are these photos of other people's dogs?

You might even explain this somewhere in the blog but I'm just so damned lazy. What can I say? :)


I think Mencken once said: "The best thing about an election is that, once its over, I can look forward to a couple of years of talking about something else."

Well, if he didn't, he should have.


Sophie - You're just one rejoicing little pup!

Sorry that I missed your quote originally. I should have noted to check in on election day!



Al, that's another great quote.

Neva, just came back by to say thank you.


helloo it's my first time here, the yummy miz bohemia pointed the way..very lovely site you have!
i'm a rabid dog lover myself and the proud mommy of a very arrogant half pom-half japanese spitz called Kelso
i'm also completely clueless about politics, let alone what being 'republican' or 'democratic' is about..but from what i gather the democratics are cooler?


Amen to the quote and the little one is just sooooooooo adorable

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


madamemahima - "the democratics are cooler." Yes. And a lot noisier, too, especially since last Tuesday.

Say Hi to Kelso.

Miz BoheMia

Oooh! Sweet Lady Mahi was here! She is funkified FO SHO! And let me put it this way... Bush is a Republican...

Hola Neva! Hope you are having a beautiul weekend my dear friend! I needed to pop in to get a fix of puppy wisdom! ;-) Besos!


the schnoodlepoohs agree.


thank you all for your kind -- and completely hilarious comments! were i a better person i'd respond to each of you, but it's Saturday... the sun is shining... and i'm a wee bit worn out after all the fun we had over at our dear dear friend, SAR'S, not to mention the festive ALMOST BIRTHDAY party we threw for that curmudgeon over at the Snark, yesterday!

hopefully, the Dalai Bobo will have words of wisdom (or at least something more intelligent than i, myself am capable of saying) by tomorrow!

oh yeah... and if you've yet to do so... when you stop back over at Sar's place, VOTE FOR JOEL'S CAPTION!! (at this point, he doesn't care if he wins or not... he'd just appreciate more than 3 votes. y'know how it is... "pride" thing.) xoxox


One of those votes is mine, Joel. And don't think I won't be wantin' it back some day. :-)


Well, since Miz Bohemia didn't say it, "Woo to da hoo!"

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