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23 November 2006



Ah yes, one of the more accurate and true to life holiday movies...or am I just a cynic? Is it telling that we made the choice to live almost 3000 miles away from the family gatherings thus giving us the ultimate excuse for never attending? I for one enjoy our solitude and besides, being with you is what it's all about for me. Happy Thanksgiving sweetie!!


So where were you when I was looking for underrated comedies? Hmmm? I haven't seen Home for the Holidays, but I hear it's good. I need to add it to my queue....


happyhappyhappy turkey day!

wwss! :+)


happy T-day and here's hoping that it's big on the "thanks" and light on the torture.


all I can say is I would certainly give thanks if I could have had the day off today.... hmmmmm

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


Oh, i do love that movie...and that puppy, too. xoxoxo. Happy Turkey Day.


I mean that I wish you Happy Thanksgiving and I mean it when I ask for the gravy to passed.


no true-er words ever spoken!! Ha ha ha that was a good one Neva!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


In that case I wish you:
An Awful Thanksgiving, a Lousy Christmas and a Crappy New year! *grins from one ear to the other*


I liked that movie a lot. Happy Thanksgiving! It's the day after, so you know I'm sincere.


Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with minimal drama.

Miz BoheMia

Oh what a wise quote that one! Why, other than the ton of reasons life in Spain has freely provided me with, do you think I am in such a hurry to make it back to SF? Although I need to figure out how to ship Loverboy's fam members in San Jose away... far, far away!


There's always a catch!

Hope you had a fabulous and intimate Thanksgiving with the fabulous men of your life dearest Neva... low key is how we do things here too... makes for a cozy time! Have a fantastic and relaxing weekend! All my love and muchos besos!



♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you're having a good Thanksgiving.

Neva, you're not hiding Gene Wilder in your closet are you?


Honey: we've had how many Thanksgivings together now? 22? and every one of them has been better than the one before. do i think the 3000 mile gap between us and the rest (most) of the family helps? indeed i do! and i lovelovelove YOU and *all* the wonderful day's we have together. xoxox

Diesel: i actually considered this one... it *is* excellent, and i'm guessing you'll enjoy it quite a lot (if Netflix offers it, i highly recommend you rent!) Happy Thanksgiving. xox

Karen: thank you so much... same to you, girlfriend! xox

Schnoodlepooh: it was and it was... and the good times are managing to continue through the weekend! (woohoo) hope you had a wonderful Holiday, as well! xox

Ann: ah yes, i suppose there are one or two advantages to living in the states! (nevermind the fact that we're just outside of NYC, where they shoot your *favorite* show!) xox

Cindra: it's a classic, right? and thank you -- that puppy happens to think *very* highly of you, too, girlfriend -- and so do I! xox

Doug: i believe you. i really do. thanks. xox

CJ: aw... Happy Turkey Day to you, too, sweet friend! and THANK YOU for that yummy treat! (a nicer and/or more polite person would have sent you an e-mail by now -- and still may!) xox

Monika: *grins back* i'd say you suck, but since that day (of lies) is past, i think i'd better stick with the truth and say -- you are SO SWEET and i love and thank you for those lovely wishes! xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: thanks for waiting! xox

Brian: thank you. and i hope you all enjoyed a happy/relaxing day, as well! xox

Miz B: dearest friend! thank you for your kind wishes... as for the soon-to-be-near relatives? hey, life's full of trade-offs, right? i'm sure it will all work out the way it's meant to... just get your ass back to SF, and worry about those little details *later*! besos to you, too, beautiful BoheMian! xox

Kyahgirl: hah! believe me... he's too tall for my closet. thank you dear friend... hope you're having a wonderful week/weekend, too. with or without all the turkeys! xox


That was a good movie. Luckily the worst of the torture was found on the highways for us. I hope I wished you a Happy Thanksgiving somewhere personally! But if not, please know it was in my heart and maybe in an email or comment? xox


Holly Hunter's been in so many good movies. I hope your Thanksgiving was light on torture!

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