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03 November 2006



Oh, thanks. I'm picturing milk coming out of Woody Allen's nose. I'm gonna have nightmares...


Ha! That's what we used to call a snarf! My experience included Spagettio's, though. yuck.

D :)


still trying to figure out the path a food product must take to end up coming out of one's nose?


I hate it when that happens.


I am thankful for laughter too especially the good, deep, and hard belly laughter!


Man, I can't believe I've never heard that quote from Woody Allen. That's great.

And I always say that my one goal with my blog is to get people to shoot milk out of their nose -- unless they weren't drinking milk at the time, in which case they should contact a physician.


I hate when milk comes out my nose.


Joel -- "still trying to figure out the path a food product must take to end up coming out of one's nose?"

I'm pretty sure, somewhere along the way, the brain gets some milk on it.


I can handle the milk, it's the mashed potatoes that hurt coming through the sinuses!


your dogs have a great sense of humour... they love Woody Allen too... LOL

have a great road trip... can't wait to hear all about for you gals...

lotsa luv an xxxx


So, let's hear the milk report.

Miz BoheMia

Ha, ha, haaaa! Thankfully I don't drink milk!


No, I got it... I got it... like I said, thankfully I don't drink milk!

Ha, ha, haaaa...

Just being silly...

I lovedlovedlovedLOVED talking to you last night my dear friend ! You are just a beautiful treasure of a friend, very much appreciated and loved and not only by me but by all in the land o' B!

Oh... and Loverboy said whenever you get some answers to the questions we spoke of, let us know and advice shall be dished gladly! YOU'D BETTER TAKE ME UP ON THAT!!!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend my amazing amiga!




How come I couldn't get my comments in!? Now I'm angry until milk is coming out of my ears or is that steam or is it...could that make it a latte? Now I'm I can laugh about our get together and now oops, it's coming out of my nose!

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