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19 November 2006



...and BoBo should know. He constantly spreads happiness around these parts. Great quote Babe!


Oh my God! That horrible, mean Bobo is killing that little brown gopher!

(Only kidding. I meant, "Awwwww" :-)

(See? I can handle "cute." Now and then. Great picture and very apt quotation.)


Honey: i love this sentiment *and* this picture. with the holidays rapidly approaching (and what's up with that, huh?) i think i wanted to remind myself of the fact that it doesn't take much to help make someone else's life a little better. (unless that person is our younger son and he wants a new car after he wrecked his last one. then all bets are off). last time i looked, smiles were free, and good will didn't cost much more.

and of course, you're right about the happiness BoBo spreads around here on a daily basis (now, if we can just get Sophie to take her cue from him and lay off of Max once in awhile, i do believe our joy would be complete!)

lovelovelove YOU!! xoxo

Al: yes... but see how happy BoBo is to share his kill with us? that pup's a giver, i tell ya, through and through. yeah, he's pretty cute, alright... (unless you're a gopher) thanks! xox


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I look forward to the quotes. BoBo wants to play. He says, "why does that dumb human just keep flashing that light in my face? Can't she see I want to play?" Yup. That's what he told me.
Hugs to you this evening and a big smack on the right butt cheek!


He's quite the little poser isn't he... what a cutie

lotsa candles, lotsa light, lotsa warmth to spread... a lovely thought

have a good day

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


So burningly true!
It reminds me of this one I just love:

"My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends--
It gives a lovely light!"

-- Edna St. Vincent Millay


Bobo, you're killing me with the color coordinated toys! Too loveable.

As to the quote, I think I may have to share it via the underground family email. Such a great perspective Bobo. Thank you.


Love the quote! I came half expecting to NOT see an update (sorry) but what a pleasant thought provoking surprise. Spread the joy sounds good to me!

As for the picture, awesome! Just awesome, Bobo playing with his stuff, what?


But it's also true that if you spend your whole life lighting other candles, you never get any cake.


Love your quotes of the week, Dalai Bobo. You are a very wise dog.
Big Wags,


Morning Neva,

Perfect quote for my life right now. Have a very good Thanksgiving.


Great quote--but then I read Diesel's comment and uh, feel the same way

So there has to be a way a person can light the candles, eat the cake--weight watchers, and share the happiness

Oh hell, life is too short not to be happy

I don't want to be remembered for writing earnest blog posts.

I want to be remembered for bringing joy to peoples lives

Too many people think of life as one giant errand after another

Love it when people return from vacation: "Did you have a good time?"

Long pause "Yes, (sigh) but now it's back to the grind."

Want to kill them--can't they say. "It was wonderful, and the feeling will be carried over."

Miz BoheMia

What a beautiful quote! Such a simple example, such simple words and so much depth and WOW factor to it all! (How eloquent am I? WOOH!)

I love the picture you chose! Brilliant!

And I cannot believe I am SO LATE to this wonderful post! AY DIOS MIO! Hope you are having a beautiful week and may the holidays be nice and relaxing and simply marvellous! Besos to one I just LOVE!


by the way, failed to mention that this is one of my all-time favorite pics of the BoBo. He sure loves that toy...and all the versions of same that have followed.


Absolutely beautiful quote, and so true:) Happy Thanksgiving!


And fortunately, misery sometimes is alleviated by sharing.


Cindra: thank you thank you thank you! oh, and you're so right about Bobo, that's exactly what he's thinking every time i pull out the camera! (these days we have to "sneak" it out in order to take pictures.) xox

Ann: BoBo's all about the warm & fuzzies! (thank you so much for stopping by) xox

Monika: what a lovely poem... and based on a few of your posts, i know it has applied to you from time to time, dear friend! xox

G: oy. you have no idea how look it took for me to find a "baby" that matched our beautiful BoBo. all so i could snap one cute picture. (so glad you like this quote, NBFF... i do, too.) xox

Pavel: sigh. we can't all post a gazillion times a day like you do, my friend! xox

Diesel: but at least you can *see* the cake! xox

Isabella: thank you... and welcome, beautiful one! xox

Brian: i'm so glad! and welcome back from that fab vacation... sounds like a great time was had by all. xox

Pia: well said, girlfriend! and i couldn't agree with you more, on ALL counts. it's always a pleasure to see you here, thanks for sharing your wisdom and your happy words! xox

Miz B: with everything on your plate, the last thing you should worry about is showing up here late. there is no such thing as "late", especially where you're concerned! besos to you, beloved BoheMian! xox

Honey: and i think this is actually a picture of the very *first* baby, right? so many "babies", so much slobbery fun. good times. lovelovelove YOU! xox

Actonbell: why thank you, my dear friend! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: it's so true. i've always wondered about that saying "misery loves company". i mean, i get it, but i also know that the best way to feel better about something is to surround yourself with people who care. (i suppose this is why i just spent the last 2 days on the phone with our younger son listening to him ramble on and on about the girl that just "broke" his heart.) it's all well and good to surrender to feelings of sadness, and quite another to allow yourself to wallow in it for any length of time.

having suffered through some serious bouts of depression myself, i know for a fact it's much better to share and listen, in order to step back out into the light (or candlelight, depending on the time of day and/or lighting option)

i know you weren't looking for such a lengthy response, but you always leave such wonderfully thought provoking comments, and this one clearly caught me in a ponderous moment. thank you for always giving me something deep and interesting to think about. i LOVE it when you stop by! xox


Hi,Wise words and so right, hope you are keeping well.
Wish you well


Crankiness works similarly.


Doug - It warms my heart to know that there are more curmudgeonly people out there than me. Thanks for sharing your particular blend of crankiness. :)


I think I meant "brand." "Blend" makes it sound like you're brewing coffee.


zingtrail: thank you, and i wish you the same! xox

Doug: you would know. xox

Diesel: potato/potata... xox


Diesel: or should that have been "tomato/tomata"? xox


Happy Thanksgiving, Neever!


Happy Thanksgiving, to the Puppy family.

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