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12 November 2006



I love that quote--it explains my life! Let's just find the way to the party...


Very nice, indeedy! The pup contemplates...
And, of course, the way ALWAYS shows the way! XOXOXO


One of the best picture/quote combos yet!! I love that quote because I believe it's sooooo true!

Love you...nice job Babe!


Very good!
Brilliant actually.
Amazing how so much menaing can be contained in so overtly simple words :)


Nice quotation, poochie. Brings to mind Yogi Berra's famous: "If you come to a fork in the road, take it." Good dog.

(My personal Berra favorite is: "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.")


Actonbell: me too, girlfriend! (is that a runner's thing?) oh, and speaking of "parties", i hope Ekim had a beautiful birthday weekend, by the way! xox

Cindra Jo: we know what we know when we know it, right? (or something like that!) xox

Honey: ah... you take the pictures, and i'm inspired to find something that might work with 'em. in this case -- and based on how i've been feeling lately -- i'm happy with this combo, too! lovelovelove YOU!! xoxox

Monika: i know! it's a great reminder that we're often guilty of making our lives *much* more complicated than they need to be. (at least that holds true for me on any given day!) xoxo

Al: another Berra quote that might have worked here is: "You got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there." sometimes Yogi was wise in spite of himself. xox


Well, it's clear from that quote that the quality of fictional felines has gone down since Lewis Carroll's time.

They had the Cheshire cat uttering poetic gems and what do we get...Garfield muttering about lasagna.

Miz BoheMia

Ah, to just let go! Beautiful quote and pic fo sho my beautiful and oh-so-wise-you-never-cease-to-amaze-me friend! You have a great knack at choosing quotes I tell you... one of many, many, many, many endless things about you I just loooove! Beautiful quote and thought and YOU to wake up to as I ready myself for a morning practice!

Besos and may you have had a beautiful weekend my dear Neva!


im gonna get all matrix-y and say 'you will choose the path that you were meant to be on'
very nice quote


I love this blog... it's fantastic.... aah which road to take... the one I choose usually ends up being a deadend...LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


Ah this is so perfect - the quote and the picture, a perfect marriage of the viusal with the words.

Sometimes I couldn't be more certianly unsure of my path and it agitates me and sometimes I am blisfully wandering and it feels just fine. Oh well, as long as I don't go through any red lights as I meander. Great way to start the day. xox


Stop walking down my street
Don't come around here no more
Who did you expect to meet?
Don't come around here no more
Whatever you're looking for
Hey! Don't come around here no more
Hey! Honey please, don't come around here no more
Whatever youre looking for
Ah, oh, ah, ah
Dont come around here no more

Anyone who gets that reference wins a cookie.


Actually, the quote perfectly explains Cooper


Great quote, as always, to leave one pondering and reflecting and all that good stuff.

It's amazing how sometimes I take the more purposeful/practical approach to my life journey but it seems life has another idea about how things should go. Sometimes good, sometimes not, but overall, I have much to be greatful for, and I am.

Oh, and Diesel, I get the reference so I WANT the cookie, ya hear! Softbatch cookies, preferably!


How fitting is that? :) I find myself wondering a lot but end up not really knowing any better.


Ok Pavel, post your address, phone number, and social security number here, and I'll send it out today!


i'm just waiting to come across that bottle with the label, 'Drink Me'


That's a terrific quote. One of these days, I should read that book. I think I've probably finished it in quotations.


TDB: yes, but at least Garfield wasn't created by a pedophile, so there's that... xox

Miz B: *blushes* thank you, dear amiga! hope your day is a beautiful as you are. xox

madamemahima: thank you SO much for stopping by here (i didn't say that on the last post, but i meant to!) and i think the Matrix comparison is absolutely PERFECT. xox

ann: well thank you for those kind words! i'm not sure i believe in "deadends"...i can almost always find an alternate route if i look hard enough. xox

G: thank you, my dear NBFF. yeah, stop lights are a bitch. especially when you're in the mode/mood to meander. xox

Diesel: the answer is so on the tip of my tongue. alas, neither it, nor that cookie, will be on it any time soon. help? xox

Pia: well thank goodness something finally does! xox

Pavel: maybe the point here is that it's okay to NOT know where you're going every minute of every day. Life is a journey, my friend, not a destination (or so i've heard) xox

CJ: we've all been there... some of us still are. xox

Karma: yeah... i'm waitin' for Hookah to show up on that mushroom of his. or not. xox

Doug: you should read it, if only for your own edification. despite the author's "romantic" leanings (ewww), his stories manage to be charming and relevant. as evidenced, i suppose, by quotes like this one. xox


Neva - Did you watch MTV at all in the mid-80s?


lol.. so true....

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