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05 November 2006



Looks like the little pooch is leaning right...


Al: hah! Bobo is definitely NOT leaning right -- altho' he certainly appeared to be in the first picture i put up, which is why i changed it. that said, i actually didn't know *why* i decided to change it until i read your comment. so THANK YOU! (i know you weren't trying to be helpful here, and yet, you were! good deed noted.) xox


He's lookin' right down the middle now, Neva: obviously an educated, thoughtful, issues-oriented doggie. Nice edit! :-)


Truth be told...we always consult with BoBo prior to an election...he's just got great intuition when it comes to things like integrity. Such a wise look, no? Great, timely quote and wonderful pic! Love you!!


Al: why thank you, sir! i searched for a left-leaning shot, but the only one i could find was a picture of Bobo after he'd buried a bone, and his face was covered in dirt. somehow, it just didn't seem right. i'll take "educated, thoughtful, and issue orientated", despite the fact that we all know how deceiving appearances can be. xox

Honey: do i think it's a coincidence Saddam Hussein's been sentenced to death 2 days before the mid-term elections? i do not. it seems like mighty convenient timing, if you ask me (which you didn't, but oh well!) nor did i appreciate the call i received from Christopher Shay's asking me to participate in a "telephone town-hall meeting/conversation" last week. seriously... what's up with that? i don't know, and i don't want to. this doesn't garner my vote, it makes me want to slap him *and* his crummy little money-grubbing cronies, which i'll do by voting for someone else this Tuesday! (thank goodness i'm not political, eh?)

i like this quote, too... and i lovelovelove YOU! xoxo


:-) Speaking of "deceiving", hang onto that shot of Bobo with dirt publicly covering his face after privately burying a bone. Could work for a future post about Ted Haggard.


Perfect quote for this week. I feel very lucky to live in this land of freedom and not taste like chicken.


.... aaaaah, but what about the wolves in sheep's clothing....

Mo'a's a nice bridge....they won't miss it....
I hope all my friends are voting....*leaning to the left while saying this:)*


So why are they still running through the henhouse like that? I'm not convinced.


Absolutly fitting. The foxes are wiley down here, with all the elderly people we have. They think because their old, they're senile and can be fooled. We'll see what happens.....
D :)


Al: my thoughts, exactly. xox

Doug: doesn't everything taste like chicken? xox

ann: i believe they're called "politicians"... xox

Mo'a: *leaning to the left while writing this* you know it, girlfriend! xox

G: why, to let all the chickens know they're safe, of course. and, by golly, they'll keep doin' that over and over and over, until each and every chicken in the coop is 100% convinced. or dead. whichever comes first. xox

FF: i know they won't be fooled, i'm just hopin' they're strong enough to punch the ballots all the way through this time. xox


Yeah, and my roots are blonde, too.

Do your part! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

And don't forget to take a break to play the game at my place...xoxoxoxo

Miz BoheMia

Oh how true! And how so very sad that an important lesson we teach our children is to not trust the smile those in a position of authority dish out...


Drama over... so now back to ha, ha, haaa! Best to laugh... I voted already! WOOH TO DA HOOH! But I was not too happy about whom I had to vote for but hey, politics is politics and it's best to lean left.. yes the right scares me which is why I so admire Bobo for not taking sides and being so neutral and dignified!

You know? I wanna be like Bobo if ever I grow up!

Aaaaand... how could I have missed your having a post up??? Guess I was still laughing away below! DIOS MIO!


Great quotation, but I'm worried that I may be the designated poultry in the world of politics.

good girl

Sincerity is relative these days. This quote just about sums it up. I think Dalai Bobo shld run for the top job. He is ever so wise and he has fabulous hair. If that don't beat 'em all, I don't what will!

GG xo


I have known many a fox, even in sheep clothing...the poultry was never safe!
perfect quote, even from a distance :)


That is a great quote!! sounds about right for the season!


heh, that's an apt quote for today! Very good.

And the PA voting problems were not widespread, thank goodness--just in Lancaster and Lebanon, where they stayed open an hour later because of a delay.


Cindra: i will! i will! i will! (thanks) xox

Miz B: WOOT to da HOOT, indeed, missy! as it turns out, 'twas a fine election... at least it appears to have been. hope is alive & well here in the US, dear BoheMia, you picked the perfect time to move back home! yippee! xox

Jan: me too! actually, i think you've got a lot of company, girlfriend. xox

GG: YOU'RE BACK!! LOVE SEEING YOU!! and i agree... good hair has to count for something! (welcome back girlfriend, you've been sorely missed!) xox

Monika: if you ever tire of Iceland, you MUST move here! (you'll fit right in!) xox

CJ: thanks! now let's just hope the new guys can take better care of the coop! xox

actonbell: thank you... and i was very relieved to know the voting went fairly smoothly out there. Santorum's history, and suddenly all seems right with the world! xox

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