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26 November 2006



Mind over. Talk about a thought you could get lost in! There you go making me think again...such a challenge on this lazy Sunday afternoon, although a welcome distraction from watching the sorry Rams football game. Love you!

Miz BoheMia

Wow... I ditto Joel... he said it best...

... although I am not watching a sorry Rams game but years ago, when my mother married her 5th and now dead ex-husband for a greencard, he took us to a Rams vs Raiders game (back when the Rams were an LA team) and for us European soccer watchers it was the most confusing and god awful spectacle and 15 miniutes later out we walked and home we went... I prefer football in movies where all the waiting is edited out and all you see is pure action... yeah, I am lazy!

Ok... now I am seriously a ditz turning something so beautiful into a verbose WTF blah, blah, blah moment of mine... dios mio!

... sooo... yes, I ditto Joel, you know all about the football part of the ditto and YES to loving you cause I do too! :-) He, he, heee!

Hope you had a beautiful weekend and may the transition into Monday not be too brutal after a nice Thanksgiving spent chillaxing! Besos to a fabulous and oh so wise Nevalicious spunkified mama that you be!



Happy Belated Thansgiving to a wonderful woman I'm proud to call my new NFF and her equally awesome hubby who left a great comment that I echo. :)


Honey: one of the many things i love about Eugene Ionesco is that as a founder of "Theater of the Absurd", everything he wrote was "mind blowing". of course, the idea that what we dream may be our actual memories and vice versa is an interesting concept -- maybe it just means we're supposed to take one more seriously, and the other less. or not.

either way, it's a bizarre ("mind blowing") thought, which, of course, is why i liked it so much! lovelovelove YOU, too. xoxo

Miz B: i'm pretty sure football qualifies as a different kind of "absurd theater" and, like you, i prefer watching it a la the movies, where they can "cut to the chase" and/or touchdown, and spare me all those boring "1st down" details! much love to you, too, dear friend! hope your week is even better than the last one was!! xox

Sar: aw... thank you so much, dear friend! i know you were having a lovely time with family -- while ours was a very small and quiet celebration, which was perfect for us! (that said, i'm almost jealous -- tho' the only other family i would have truly wanted here was my sister & her husband, and that wasn't possible). so glad to know your holidays were as special as you are, girlfriend! xox


Wonderful quote, as usual, although being this tired, it makes my mind go round in circles and all I can think is how much do you and Joel brush those doggies? They are so soft and yummy looking! xoxoxo

Miz BoheMia

Your comment to Joel and interpretation of the quote reminds me of this Iranian guy I hypnotized back in my college days... he had a very vivid past life regression (which he recounted in great detail and which I cannot, for the life of me, remember) and it was so real to him he avoided me for the longest time. When I finally grabbed him and forced him to tell me what was wrong, he admitted to being scared of me and "what if you do that to me again and i get stuck there? I mean, how do I know what is real anymore? Maybe that was real and this isn't, in which case I am stuck in a hypnosis-induced vision... and if this is reality and I allow you to hypnotise me again, what if I get stuck there?"

The freak was serious! So avoid me he did... unless he was drunk at which point he would come over to ramble away in Spanish, and his Spanish was excellent when he was drunk and godawful when not by the ay... and though hypnosis does not work that way I got this "voodoo" woman type rep at that college!

My way of saying buenos dias!

Hope you have a beautiful week my dearest Neva!


Maybe. What the hell is an evanescence?

Never mind, I found it in Bierce's dictionary. Sounds cynical.


Consider the source, though. A room full of chairs made this guy totally paranoid.


Memories can leave scars. (Are you sure Jan Michael Vincent didn't say this?)


but that is so true... with time blurring the edges you sometimes wonder if it really did happen or was it merely a vivid figment of the imagination...

lotsa luv ann xxxx

ooooooh doggy is so cute


In the words of Woody Allen, "Then I definitely overpaid for my carpet."


Cindra: trust me, if your mind *isn't* going around in circles, there's something wrong with you! (regarding your other question: i do brush the pups a lot, and get 'em groomed every couple of weeks, as well. their hair is better cared for than my own these days.) sigh. xox

Miz B: ahhh.... suddenly i'm hearing strains of The Eagles' Witchy Woman in the background! that's a great story... and pretty damn funny, to boot! leave it to you to create such high drama in someone's past lives as well as the one he has now! lovelovelove that! *and* you, dearest amiga. xox

Doug: "to disappear slowly". yep. i'm thinkin' Bierce would have liked this word a lot. xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: chairs and/or rhinoceroses (rhinoceri?). i love his works... which probably explains a lot about me. xox

Al: poor Jan Michael. i feel scarred just thinking about him. xox

ann: that's an excellent way to put it. in the end, i suppose everthing winds up as figments of our imaginations, right? xox

Diesel: another absurdist favorite. or is he just thrifty? i can't remember. xox


Diesel, stop making me laugh! All this serious past-life/reality stuff, and here I am snorting coffee out my nose again!

Miz B., what a great story! Wow. I can empathize with the guy, but don't tell Weirdso or Diesel.

Neva, thank you, thank you, thank you for your sweet holiday wishes. I am horribly late in responding as I was chillaxing all weekend and enjoying it tremendously. Have you ever read any of Carlos Castaneda's stuff? Very cool and along these same lines. When I grow up, I want to be enlightened. (Just finished re-reading Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha, as well. Good stuff.)


Angela: i haven't, but i'm intrigued! thanks for the recommendation. you know, Steve Martin actually writes along these lines, as well (go figure). as for Siddhartha? excellent book. glad to see you, girlfriend! hope your holidays were fabulous! (sounds like they were) xox


Steve Martin? Really?! You know I have to believe you because I know that you and George Washington could never tell a lie. Not a real one, anyway. If you liked Siddahartha, I think you'll like Castaneda. The book I have is called "A Separate Reality." Nice title, eh? Thought it might be appropriate here. I hope your holiday treated you as well as you deserve to be treated. I had good sex, netflix and cornish game hens. What more could a girl ask for? xoxoxo

p.s. can I talk about sex on your blog? I'll keep it G-rated, I promise! <3


Angela: Steve Martin is very much of the "Theater of the Absurd" mode. and i'm definitely going to get "A Separate Reality", it sounds fascinating -- and right up our alley. we're huge fans of don Miguel Ruiz, and have been lately intrigued by the writings of Abraham-Hicks, which are somewhat "out there", but amazing and thought-provoking, nonetheless.

as for sex? where were you when i shared the fact that my sister, Dr. Terri, is a certified Sex Therapist/educator? (among other things, i mean. she's also a licensed marriage and family counselor, and currently works as a Life Coach. but she taught Human Sexuality and Women's Health courses for nearly 18 years in a California University, and wrote a book a few years ago called: "Skin Flutes and Velvet Gloves", which is about penises and vaginas.) so yeah. you can talk about sex. not smarmy sex, mind you -- but that's not you anyway, so i'm not worried! xox


What if you just dreamed it and blogged it....then it would likely dissapear fast.
Another great quote that the very smart Bobo found. How does he do it?
I love that very handsome Bobo. He just gets more handsome with each photo.


After all, life is but a dream. Or is it. This is one of those quotes that you could indeed ponder on for some time. I will take this thought with me as I go stroll the toy isles for Julian's birthday present.

Maybe I'll just give him a dream...


Steve Martin has written some brilliant stuff for the New Yorker. I have to admit I've never read Siddhartha. Which reminds me, you are all invited to participate in the Lamest Contest Ever!


So you are to blame for today´s word over at Waking Ambrose. I really should have known!

It is hard to contemplate the depth of this quote at 1.30 in teh mroning though. If I canæt fall asleep, i´ll know whom to blame!


honey, apologies for my long absences. coming back here is like a dream :))


I can relate to this. Did I dream it all?


Mo'a: half the time i'm pretty sure i *do* dream up posts --especially for posts i do on the Snark -- and they're always hilarious in my dreams... then when i get them up, not so much. sigh. BoBo's blushing at that lovely compliment, by the way! xox

G: dream? or nightmare? oy vey. to know what you're going through makes me all the more glad we managed to dodge a few of those birthday party bullets. xox

Diesel: yep. he's also written some amazing plays. he's pretty deep for a "wild and crazy guy". as for your contest? i am all over that one.

on a separate note -- please accept our condolences for your recent loss. please know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now. xox

Monika: how was i to know that would happen? it's not my fault, i tell ya! xox

Karma: trust me, it's a *dream* to see your beautiful self here. you've been missed, my friend! xox

TLP: are you as worried as i am about waking up? xox



Thank you for permission. I did know that Dr. Terri was allowed to talk about sex, but I wasn't sure if that's because she was qualified to talk about it or because it's an open topic. :) I'm not really qualified. Not that way, anyway. BUT, I certainly have my opinions, and I love, cherish and hold them very tightly. Thanks also for the author reference. I'll have to go look him up. I loved Ruiz' books, as well, so I think that we have similar tastes. xoxoxoxo

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