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03 October 2006



Me first?! There's no end to these cute human faced pups with beautiful coifs. Is Maxxy related to your pups (besides the obvious cousinry).

Hope all is well.



I know from experience it is hard to get good pictures of black dogs but you always manage it. Very cute.


g: she's ba-a-a-a-ack!! yipee! (i'm happy to see you, can you tell?)

this adorable fellow is not related (except for the fact that he's 1/2 as big as Sophie and/or Bobo, he *does* look like he should be). Maxxy was rescued by my sister from a shelter in Fresno a couple of years ago. trust me, he's as special a pup as you'd ever hope to find.

Happy New Year, dearest NBFF! hope to talk to you sooooooon!! xoxo

Jan: with a face like his, it's hard *not* to get a good picture! (to tell you the truth, my challenge was trying to figure out which ones to use!) thank you... and nice to see you, too! xox

Miz BoheMia

Hola my dearest friend! Dios mio I have missed quite the number of posts I'm afraid! Well, I am back up and running and nothing (I hope!!!!) will stop me now! Bwahahahahaaaa!

I so LOVE that quote! Totally applies to so many things, our most recent one being our decision to move back home... Loverboy did not even have it in his mind as a viable route and now, here we are! Thank god for the felxibility to the word "impossible", no?

I hope you have a beautiful week and I LOVE this sweet little puppy and I love knowing that I was priviledged enough to see her in a pic in the arms of your veryveryvery smart and pretty sister Dr. Terri!

I love you much and hope all is well with you my dear friend!


How fortunate to have SO many wonderful puppies in your family! They are all so cute! Love the Picard quote! D :}


Morning Neva,

Very lovely puppy, they are are so happy looking.


Aw, Maxxy's beautiful!
And Picard's absolutely right.

I'm really sorry to hear about what happened to your neat vintage dress--geez, that would never have occurred to me, either. These days, I really adore those stretchy dresses:)


Where the heck is Joel?
It is just not teh same without him saying lovelovelove you to snuppy!
Maxxy...a beautiful dog indeed!


Your family really has a golden genepool!
beautiful, smart and loving creatures you are!


Let the record reflect that this is my third attempt to post a comment...uh someone trying to tell me something?? Granted I was trying to post from the road, but still.

Anyway...cute pup but I'm wondering if Sophie or BoBo are jealous having to share their "Mom's" attention? Love you Babe and sorry for the absence even though it wasn't my fault.


MizB: sweet friend! i'm soooo happy to see you here (as well as on your own site. new computer's got ya up and ranting, right?) and i love this quote, too. there's no such thing as "impossible", eh amiga? our biggest limitations come from our own thoughts/beliefs on what we can and cannot do.

much love to you! xox

FF: my sister's puppy is one of a kind and beyond adorable! i'm so glad she (and her sweet hubby) has him! xox

Brian: he *is* a happy happy puppy... spoiled, but in a nice way! xox

Actonbell: ah yes, the wisdom of Picard holds up, don't you agree? as for that dress? hee hee... it was pretty funny, *especially* because we were at one of the really big deal fancy-schmancy parties of the year, and it was full of South Florida's elite. (why we were there in the first place is beyond me!) xox

Monika: by "golden gene pool" you mean, of course, that we all have fabulous dogs? i agree!! and thank you!!

as for Joel? poor baby... he's been working like a... er... dog. yesterday was spent flying to Atlanta in order to sit through a ton of meetings (he got back last night). needless to say, he maintains an exhausting schedule! xox

Honey: so that Blackberry on your hip isn't all it's cracked up to be, huh? hee hee! it's okay... because i already KNOW how much you love me (and our puppies).

jealous? nah... i suspect Sophie and Bobo would absolutely adore Maxxy (and hopefully we'll get to find out some day!!)

sorry yesterday was such a bitch for you... I LOVELOVELOVE YOU!! xoxox


Very cute pup.
Pansi is wondering if your sister might be able to help her orchestrate her comeback.


Dr.Terri's puppy is very I'm sure she is, just based on what I know about her cute, adorable, sassy, sis!


Mrs. Weirsdo: interesting... i'll be very happy to pose that question to her (she's really very good at what she does, if anyone can help Pansi position herself well -- and feel good about it in the process -- it's my sis!!) xox

Kyahgirl: i thank you, and my sister thanks you! (actually, there's a picture of Terri on her website, if you're curious) and you are oh-so-right, her puppy is beyond adorable! (and trust me, he's as sweet as he is cute!) xox

Angela K

Beautiful pup! And thank you for the link to Terri's website. She is stunningly gorgeous, as are you. I lovedlovedloved the quote in her sidebar, because it's the one on my fridge and helps me to feel like I'm on the right track. I also clicked on Tibetan Terriers on Petfinder dot com and loved the sweet pups I found. I'm a malamute lover, myself, but can see why you love this breed so much. Cheers!

Angela K

p.s. happy belated birthday!!

Cindra Jo

Sweet pup! And I love the quote...i love even more where the quote came from...that's great!


Angela: thank you so much! we're pretty fond of our puppies (in case you couldn't tell). that said, i am very familiar with Malamutes and they are fabulous dogs! beautiful *and* smart, what's not to love? xox

Cindra Jo: you're so sweet! and thank you... oh, and i agree, i confess the source of this quote made me as happy as the quote itself! xox


Thanks, Neva. Pansi has now made her choice, based partly on your advice, but any input from your sister would be welcome.


Hi Maxxy---you are beautiful--especially with your tongue out!


Mrs. Weirsdo: i am honored to think i've helped to influence Pansi! i'm ready and more than willing to help in any way i can, and i'm quite certain my sister will be, too! xox

Pia: he's a little cutie, that's for sure. and sooooo sweet. (coming from me, that's saying a lot, because i'm very prejudiced when it comes to my own dogs. but Maxxy really is special!) xox


I of course LOVE to be your constituent!


That Maxxy is CUTE! Glad I came over and saw for myself.


CJ: thank you, sweet girlfriend! you're a doll! xox

AP3: i'm glad you came over too! ESPECIALLY since i know how busy you are right now!! thank you for the visit... *and* for your hilarious BASIP this weekend. (and Happy 2nd Anniversary, too!!) xox

Cindra Jo

mommy, i giggled, and i TRIED to vote, but alas, i am too late or too retarded (oops.that is not okay to say) because i couldn't find a way to vote at sar's. sorry. and c'mon over and be family any time you like at my blog. i love having you there. ta ta. let me know if i can still vote...


I also tried to vote, but "Belle" would not load up enough to show the captions--that's probably why Cindra Jo had trouble, too. I will keep trying.


You're one big adorable family! And the humans ain't to shabby either. :)

Apologies for the state of the caption poll. It's driving me bonkers too!


I did manage to cast my two cents' worth for you, but it is still !@#$.


Cindra Jo: i'm guessing the state of your mental capacity is less of an issue than the state of the polling service Sar's using (she's been having a tough time with it all week!) thank you for the thought, the attempt to vote, *and* the willingness to share your family! i shall crash your blog again, and often! xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: thank you for the effort *and* the vote! i appreciate both, especially at a time when i know your attention is needed elsewhere (i.e.helping poor Pansi as she struggles for sobriety and/or a return to stardom, nevermind salvation!) xox

Sar: we've been blessed with some charming canines in my family, that's for sure. sorry you're having so much trouble with the caption poll. i don't suppose it would make sense to declare a winner now, would it? (heh heh, just kidding!) your contests are fun whether everyone gets to vote or not. the biggest joy each week is seeing how creative people can be with the pictures you select! (the same can surely be said for WA...half the fun is checking back throughout each day to read new "definitions"!)

hope you're having a beautiful weekend, girlfriend!! xox


Very cute.


Doug: coming from you, that's a HUGE compliment! xox


Congratulations on winning! This week's is good, too.


I'm not sure Pansi draws a distinction between salvation and stardom. She has been in seclusion lately. We're not sure what's going on.

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