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19 October 2006



That's pretty much how my days go: I either did stuff, or didn't. I love Yoda:)

Miz BoheMia

Oooh! I think I was a Yoda virgin... way to pop a cherry! Just do it! Ha, ha, haaaa!

Ok... now I am seriously delirious and need to get my ass off to bed! But not before checking in and feeling YAYed at the new post! Sizzlin'!

I love you my dear and amazing friend! Besos and have a beautiful what's left of the day!


actonbell: yup, me too! (today i think it was more "didn't", i'm sorry to say) and wise he is Yoda (gotta love him!) xox

Miz B: a Yoda virgin? as in "you haven't seen Star Wars"??? DIOS MIO, AMIGA!! say it ain't so! (you'd like Yoda, there's something very Zen about him)

as for your own funkified, fancified, and damn FUNified video post? BoheMialicious, says i. you, my friend, are a STAR!! and i lovelovelove you to pieces!! xox


Yoda...small, kinda funny looking but very wise. Wonder if this is where Nike got their inspiration?


No point in arguing with a wise puppet. Today I'm not even gonna try.


Happy I am for you, yes?

Do a great weekend. :)


My whole weekend is gonna be a "just do it and get through it" experience. I'll probably come out at the other end looking twice as shaggy as these two, but less than half as cute.


Ah, there is NO try. Yoda was a smart little guy. We put effort into NOT trying, is what it boils down to. The postponement of the "what. I do this alot. Humph. D


You are absolutely right. There is no such thing as TRY. You either DO or you DON'T. I "try" to remember that.


Yes indeed. This is a page I can take out of Scissors' book who often tells me "We either do or we don't, there's no maybe". He's got a point like Yoda.

Another good quote to ruminate on as I go through this gorgeous day. xox


Try is a transitive verb.

That seems very deep to me right now but I'm a little goofy from an afternoon nap.


Honey: plausible it seems, yes. (no... i will not be responding to everyone like Yoda, because Do it, I cannot. love you!! xoxox

TLP: i agree... when there are puppets involved, it's always best to take a step back (they're scary anyway, right?) xox

Brian: happiness on the weekend we will have, yes! and same to you! xox

Quilldancer: from what i already know about you, you'll do it, get through it, and look fabulous all along the way! (hopefully you're getting to smile a bit along the way...) xox

FF: you're so right. i think it's always easy to make the excuse "oh, i'm trying..." but in truth we either do or we don't. no need for excuses, right? xox

Schnoodlepooh: d'oh! i think i practically quoted you to FF! but yeah, it's always the "doing" that counts. xox

g: who knew Scissorhands was so wise? damn, is there anything this man *can't* do? (besides fix that backed up toilet, i mean) xox

Doug: no, that *is* deep. hmmm. you should take more naps. xox


This is off the subject, but I just read your "About" page and have a question: Is Fuzzy-Butt still around? Does he have any thoughts to share on this blog? (Venus wants to know)
I also wanted to say that we have similar tastes in movies, except that I am not sure I would like the Kill Bill films.


Mrs. Weirsdo: good morning! so glad i saw your note before i started working on a new post! yes... Fuzzy Butt is alive and well and incredibly curmudgeonly. i did a short post awhile ago that featured his picture and Bill the Cat's (i think they may be one in the same). like an ancient and benevolent emporer, he's beyond caring about much about anything but food, a soft pillow, and a clean corner in which to perform his "business" (apparently, in his old age, he's beyond the cat box, as well...sigh) chaos amuses him, as long as it doesn't disturb his nap.

as for the Kill Bill series? you know, i didn't expect to enjoy them, either. but they're actually very artistic, i love the fact that the hero is a dogmatic woman, who defies death in ways that confound, and the violence is surreal and comic-book like, which makes it easier to deal with. Quentin Tarrantino is such a fan of spaghetti westerns as well as b-horror & Kung-Fu films, and this series is a fabulous homage them all. it shouldn't be so entertaining, and yet it is. and, did i mention it's campy? campy always works for me! (you have such a creative nature, i suspect you'll be pleasantly surprised if you ever decide to watch. i know i was!)

oh, Fuzzy Butt just peeked around the corner, and offered up this little nugget in response to your question:

"You can't have everything, where would you put it?"

(of course, in quoting Steven Wright, he may have exposed something about his level of taste and/or wisdom.) xox


Thanks. I do remember the Bill the Cat post now.


Mrs. Weirsdo: it really wasn't much of a thank you for that kindness! (truthfully, "Ack" really is Mr. Fuzzleworth's favorite catchphrase.) xox

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