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11 October 2006



He makes me laugh. Thanks Babe...needed that as I head down the home stretch of this long and busy day. Love you...can't wait to come home!


hey girl. thanks for coming by and you should totally get that book!!!


I think Dalai Bobo has competition!


Dear Neva...

Just wanted to pop in and say that I enjoy your comments (and caption entries) over at the Belle's place. When I have time I look forward to catching up with your musings here. Also...even though you won last week, and I am also a finalist this week, your entry is the best as far as I'm concerned.

Ciao for now...


I am just happy to use my mind. :)

Miz BoheMia

That guy's outta his mind... if he has one to begin with! Dios mio!

Loved Dalai Bobo's quote below... so true and something I try to constantly remind myself to forge ahead with laughter... oh so wise Neva, I bow before thee! Oh FO SHO!!!

Have a beautiful weekend my dear, sweet friend and I hope to catch you soooooon!!!!!

Love you mucho y siempre!

Jamie Dawn

Dan Quayle really needs to eat more potatos...uh, potatoes... potatos... uh...

I hear they are good for the brain.


You know I just found Teri's blog recently - talk about grace under pressure. They don't make em like that anymore? At least not in our snark :) Maybe I shouldn't have voted for your thrice - just kidding, I only voted twi, err once.


Oh did you see an extra mind here?


Poor Dan,
Clever Dalai Bobo


Laughing my head off at Jamie Dawn's comment. Since I live in Potatoe Land, I should send him some. Maybe. Okay, maybe not. (That just looks so wrong with the "e" at the end!)

"Of all the things I've lost in life, I miss my mind the most" -- which upon research appears to be attributed to Arrowsmith's Steven Tyler . . . ? Really?!


murphy brown would only shake her head and sigh, sadly.
"How true", she'd say."How very very true."


I was trying to remember that quotation just yesterday to show the intellectual differences between politicians and puppies. Thanks for supplying it.


I still love that quote. Along with "Happy campers you are, happy campers you have been and happy campers you always will be" to the people of Samoa on what Quayle was told was a state trip.

Say what you will about Quayle, if he were still veep we'd be winning in Iran.

Cindra Jo

Oh man! BIG BIG BELLY LAUGHS. what an idiot that man was...what a great quote. THanks. I love yer selection of quotes...and of course the puppy profile! XOXO


Honey: me too! (i never thought i'd say this, but i actually miss Dan) lovelovelove you!! xox

Jodes: you're welcome, thank you, and i will! xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: the Zen of Dan? yes... i think you're on to something here! xox

Teri: thank you! honestly, i love YOUR caption... and was shocked to find myself back in the running this week! you're so sweet to say that... and, i'll confess, you've managed to take a lot of the wind out of my shameless promotional sails! sigh. xox

CJ: me too! xox

Miz B: gracias, mi amiga! i lovelovelove the quote below, as well... and i know it holds meaning for you--especially now. thank you my dear friend, and THANK YOU for the oh-my-God-amazing gifts!! (email? i'm writing it... i just haven't been around much over the past couple of days... sorry!) anyway, i was blown away by your generosity... and touched beyond words by the note. you are such a treasure... i hope this weekend is filled with joy for you, beautiful BoheMian! much love & MANY kisses!! xox

Jamie Dawn: heh... gotta love a guy who'll put himself on a spelling board chop-block in front of cameras, right? he reminded me of a stupid energizer bunny. he just kept going... and going... and going... xox

g: i know! Teri's great... i'm almost hoping she wins! almost. (hee hee) extra mind?? haven't seen it. probably hanging out on some busy street with mine. xox

logo™: Dan wore that foot in his mouth well, don't ya think? xox

Angela: Steven Tyler said that?? really?? hilarious! xox

FN: she'd shake her head even as she'd wish he were there so she could wring his idiotic neck! xox

Jan: hah! glad i could be of service! xox

Doug: ah yes..."happy campers" was classic. if we've learned anything over the past 6 years it's that Dan Quayle was not the worst thing that could happen to this country. xox

Cindra Jo: thank you, girlfriend! the problem with trying to pick a funny quote by Dan Quayle is that there are so freaking MANY of 'em! xox


heh, still winning in Iran, I like that...
Poor Dan Quayle. Or, not so poor--what a waste of all that education.


actonbell: one suspects Danny boy's education ran through his fragile little mind like water through a sieve. xox

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