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29 October 2006



Oh, I LOVE this pictures. He looks so intelligent and kind.


Actually, he kind of looks like Gandalf

Miz BoheMia

Ha, ha, ha, haaaa! What a great way, well, for me, to end the day! I am so laughing at the quote and at Pavel's saying the picture reminds him of Gandalf! So true! So wise that sweet Bobo!

Well, whether life's a joke or not, at least I'm a laugin'!

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend my dearest amiga! Muchos besos and until very soon!



I love Jack Handey. I didn't know he was a big hairy dog, but I love him just the same.


Pavel: Gandalf? hah! now that you mention it... xox

Miz B: glad to know i helped put a smile on that beautiful face of yours, amiga! i was in a bit of a silly mood this morning... does it show? LOVE you, too!!! xox

Diesel: he's not. he's a medium-sized hairy dog. (i lovelovelove Handey, too, thanks for reminding me to fix that spelling!) xox


hahahahahahha!! well the joke's on you because life IS a big joke! and you're not supposed to get it! that's what makes it so darn FUNNY! Love it love it love it!!!!!!!


Semina is in love with Bobo :} The quote had me laughing very hard ~ clever Bobo ;}


Mmmm...if life is just a big ol' joke, then it's a practical joke. Those aren't so funny, when you're on the receiving end.


Then I love him all the more for not being so big.


Truer words...

Of course BoBo takes it all in stride and is very much in control...he's my role model.

Great quote and pic!

Love you babe!


Life is a shaggy dog story.


I love Jack Handey. Deep Thoughts rule.

The puppy is a big ham...I love his wet nose...damn, you got cuties, dontcha? xoxox


schnoodlepooh: Bobo was afraid of that. xox

Semina: oooh... and Bobo is in love with YOU, too (and owes you a visit, BIG TIME!) xox

TLP: which, in this case, we are, right? sigh. i suppose this is where having the ability to "laugh at ourselves" comes in handy! xox

Diesel: that's why i wanted you to know. xox

Honey: and fine role model, at that! (i know, he's just too darn cute for his own darn good!) lovelovelove YOU (and i am SO glad you're back from that trip!) xoxox

Mrs. Weirsdo: or it should be... xox

Cindra: Jack Handey's "Deep Thoughts" are too funny for my own good! it was very distracting trying to find the quote i wanted, because i had to read 'em all... and i laughed and laughed and laughed... and completely forgot what i was doing. as a result, my simple (silly) notion wound up taking a couple of hours longer than expected! sigh. xox


More than just another pretty muzzle, that Bobo's one smart puppy, too. Very funny, and an especially warm start for a chilly Monday. Thanks.


Me neither Jack, but I figure if I go along acting as if I do, eventually I will. Then I'll die.

Have a nice day. Thanks Bobo.


Look at that FACE!!
I love Jack too, I had a Deep Thoughts calendar one year, that was the best year ever.


Life, a big joke?? I don't get it either. Some days are like that. If I don't think so hard, it's not that bad. D :)


Great photo.

It's like this, horses have long faces normally.


Aw, what a cutie! And I like the quote, because I feel the same way, whether it's a joke or not:)


I got my thrill of the day by clicking to enlarge the picture and watching it eyes first, so full of wisdom, and then hair by hair, and the grain on his beautiful black nose...since it's a dream anyway, why not have life as a joke that's obscure and also satisfies the condition of emptiness by not getting it anyway...Thanks for lighting the 'land-home' fire under our wonderful Miz B...I feel like I definitely owe you one...and I'm also overwhelmed that you find them quotes, and no I didn't know the one you sent me, and it gave me chills when I read it. Hugs, Elaine


me neither, bobo!

happy halloween!



wow, this is an awesome blog and your little mutts are just so adorable.... the quotes fit perfectly.

thank you for visiting me and for your lovely comment. I have another blog similar to yours. I try to post apposite captions, not to two beautiful dogs but to our hero, the awesome Vincent.

I shall certainly come here again...

lotsa luv ann xxxx


Rabbit, rabbit


I would like to lay a kiss, right between his eyes! Your doggie pictures are always adorable.

rabbit rabbit Neva


Al: Bobo provides excellent company on any day... but most especially a chilly one. xox

G: so "life's a joke and then you die"? i see... xox

logo™: i would put MONEY on it that you and i had the same calendar, girlfriend! (and it was hysterical... i wonder why there haven't been more...) xox

FF: no joke is good if you have to over think it. xox

Doug: the horse face i get... but where does the duck fit in? xox

Actonbell: me too, girlfriend, me too. xox

Mama E: oooooh! i am a horrible-awful-no-good-very-bad person, for it has been AGES since i've visited you! my loss, too, for i SO enjoy reading your beautiful writing. thank you for your kind words... it's always a pleasure and an honor to know you've stopped by. xox

Karen: why thank you, my friend! xox

Ann: on behalf of my mutts, i'd like to say "thank you", "welcome to our humble blog", and "hope you'll come back!" xox

Doug: (C)hase, (c)hase.

Kyahgirl: spoken like a true fan of our canine friends (which i know you most certainly *are*!!) Rabbit, rabbit, dear friend! xox

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