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22 October 2006



I do loooooove the quote as always. that pup looks like she (he?) is really working someone for something good...battin' those puppy lashes and all...

I hope you have a tremendous week! Thanks for all the kind words over at my's always nice to find you've been there...xoxoxo

Oh, come play my have a wicked funny way with words.


Kind of discouraging for all us parents out there.
I didn't know Reinhold Neibuhr wrote the Serenity Prayer.


Love the variation on theme...and so true! Great picture of the little BoBo as well - love you Babe!


Awww, I *love* this one!


Such thoughtful words. I could have used them last week! *LOL* Hope your weekend as was wonderful as you are!

Miz BoheMia

YES! The ME part was the cincher! GOLD I TELL YOU! GOLD!

Bohemians everywhere applaud you, APPLAUD I SAY!

You know... you are my guru of wisdom and my angel of hope... I kid you not... may I love you forever? Cause I do!

May sound schoolgirlish and immature, perhaps I am regressing, but 'tis from the heart! Well, off I go!




I did leave a comment here last night - I did! I did! Poof!

The Serenity Prayer is a good one, but I particularly like this update.

Smooches to you ~ G xox


That 'unknown' is sure one smart cookie!


I love the variation on the quotation. It seems so much more apt.


Great variation and oh, so true. We rarely see ourselved. It's others view of us that we see. Self respect and love. Great thought. D :}


Hi Neva,

Did it have to be this quote? *heavy sigh*

I just want to romp and chase sticks.


the wisdom to know it's me??? isn't it always about me? i mean schnoodlepooh... it's ALL about schnoodlepooh... yeah, that's the ticket...


I love popping in here to look at the puppies. I don't comment often but this quote made me chuckle. I do so miss having a dog.


That version is lovely. I, unfortunately, seem to prefer, "God grant me the wisdom to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know where to hide the bodies of the people who pissed me off." xoxoxoxo. ;o)


Nice quote. I thought the original was generally attributed to St. Francis of Assisi. But I could be wrong.


Cindra: thank you! for the compliments and your kind words! Bobo is a "he" (i won't tell him you asked) apparently i've already missed this week's game (because i'm a slow slow girl on any given day) but i'll be happy to give it a shot next week!! xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: i suppose... altho' accepting our kids for who they are isn't the *worst* thing we could do, right? xox

Honey: you know how often i rely on the original version... but i really like this one, as well! lovelovelove YOU, too! xox

RisibleGirl: why, thank you, girlfriend! xox

CJ: keep it handy for the next time your MIL tries to give you grief! xox

Miz B: Change -- especially changing the way we look at others -- is a tough one, isn't it? and, of course i know you understand it's power, just look at your own beautiful self and/or the journey you've been on for the last few years! thank you, as always, for your kind and loving words, dear friend!! besos para usted, tambien!! xoxo

G: oh sure. actually that happens to me on a regular basis on Blogger, so i hear ya, NBFF! i thought you might enjoy that update... xox

Kyahgirl: i *know*... many of the best quotes these days are by "unknown". heh...xox

Jan: the original is awesome, but the reminder that change has to happen within ourselves first is always a good one. xox

FF: as well as not being too quick to judge others... something i find myself struggling with, too often! xox

Brian: heh. when you put it like that... xox

schnoodlepooh: YES!! it is ALWAYS about you! hee hee! xox

Quilldancer: i'm honored and happy to see you here... and dogs are a wonderful source of companionship and comfort. (even if they *have* prevented us from taking a proper vacation in almost 6 years now...) with your busy schedule, i'm sure it would be difficult to deal with one right now, but maybe down the road having another dog might make sense for you? xox

Angela: love it! *that* version i haven't heard before...thanks for the smile!! xox


Diesel: i'll see see if that's true. actually, it may be Assisi, but Niebuhr gets the nod for a whole prayer, from which the above is a variation of and excerpt from. what did i just say? now i'm confused... but you can read up on it (the prayer and Niebuhr) HERE. and thanks for stopping by and actually commenting. my opinion of you has just grown by (short) leaps and (shorter) bounds! xox


I could just eat him he is so cute.....yes!!! I am talking about Bobo....I know Joel is cute also :) And he is so wise....Bobo...I am sure Joel is wise also....will go and visit to see if he is back.....speaking of back......Bermuda rocks!!!
I did miss my blog friends....could not afford the fees to blog on the ship....they want a farm in Germany for that.


Depends who they are. . . .


Weirsdo, I didn't know that either. Niebuhr is oone of those rare theologians you can actually read without giving up and deciding at least sin doesn't usually need instructions.


Oh, that quote is so perfect! I should repeat it to myself each and every morning.


Very inspiring and spot on update. Everyone can benefit from this kind of wisdom.


Mo'a: welcome home, dear friend! and Bobo is always here, should you ever feel inclined to take a drive (or train trip?) over to Connecticut! xox

Mrs. Wiersdo: sigh. how well i know what you mean... xox

Doug: relatable spirituality works for me. (i'm guessing you already know that) xox

TLP: believe it or not, i *do* say this (and its more familiar variant) several times throughout each and every day. i don't know if it helps, but i say it, nonetheless! xox

Sar: yeah... it never hurts to be reminded that change has to happen within ourselves before we can ever hope to see it in anyone else. xox

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