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15 October 2006



BoBo looks a little like Confucious in that shot, don't ya think? I will ponder this deep thought more seriously once I'm through watching the Rams self destruct against Seattle...not trying to be negative, just stating truth. Love you


Honey: i love this quote for a couple of reasons... first (and maybe foremost) is because i am hard-pressed to remember anything i hear. if i don't write something down, chances are it's gonna fly outta my head (thanks again for all those notebooks you gave me for my birthday!)

second (more importantly) it reminds me of the value of not accepting something just because someone else says something is so. "truth" is what we learn for ourselves, not what others say it is. which then, of course, means this quote if full of shit. except for the fact that we're reading it, helping us to remember it, and well... now i'm confused and i have to stop before i get a headache.

basically (i think) the way to know if something is true or not is to *do* and *see*. (or maybe this only works in chem class, huh?)

sorry about the Rams game... but see? you heard they might have a good year, but after seeing them blow a chance to win, you know differently. still, it was a crappy finish to an already crappy sports week for you, eh?

lovelovelove YOU!! xoxoxox


I can relate to that one! I definitely have wind-tunnel syndrome behind my eyes:)


I do and I understand.

Very much the story of my weekend.


I don't and I mock.


I've really got to time this better than to come in after Doug.

This is a perfect quote for everyone - the doing and understanding part. Nothing like walking a mile in another's mocassins. Nicely done Bobo!


I always learn by doing. :) My hearing and remembering isn't worth a bit!


It's the only way that I can learn

Trying to read a manual is like trying to decipher any language--and I used to write them

Great saying


see, that's why I always have to drive if I want to remember how to get somewhere! just doesn't register.

Hi buddy :-)


actonbell: sounds painful. you should have someone take a look at that! xox

Brian: i'm hoping you mean that in a good way (i'm guessing you do!) xox

Doug: those who can't, mock. xox

G: mocassins and/or Blahniks. (and, yeah, i know what you mean about Doug's comments, same thing happens to me all the time. i read, i laugh, and am rendered commentless!) xox

CJ: me too! xox

Pia: that's how it is for visual learners like us, i suspect. as for manuals? i have a terrible time reading and/or following 'em... i can't imagine trying to *write* one!! my esteem for you continues to rise, girlfriend! xox

Kyahgirl: i know exactly what you mean, 'cuz i am *so* the same way! and "hi" yourself--i lovelovelove it when you have time to visit, and i am *always* happy to see you!! xox


Yjsy od zmy mantra - exactly. I hear and I forget - always! I see and I remember - ever so vaguely. I do and I understand. Me, thru and thru. Great quote and I'm sorry I am so very late! D :}


Yes I do mean that in a good way. Life is becoming clearer every day.

Cindra Jo

yer puppies post the best quotes...i do love stopping by. gives me food for thought and the pups me all warm and fuzzy. Thanks. XO


FF: never too late... i'm happy to see you whenever you make it over! glad you liked this quote... i do, too! xox

Brian: i'm *very* glad to know that! xox

Cindra Jo: i know today is difficult for you... my thoughts and prayers are with you and S. glad the puppies could help. : ) xox


"I hear and I forget"...

hate it when that happens, which is often.


I don't and I mock Doug. SO MUCH FUN.


i understand, but why don't i do!


Thanks, Neva. The surgery went well, and we are hoping for the best. I do appreciate your concerns and prayers, as does she, I'm sure. XO

Miz BoheMia

Ha, ha, haaaa! I am still stuck on "I hear and I forget"... Loverboy will second that, poor man who never gets the tea he asks for when I walk into the kitchen only to forget what he wanted as I focus on what I want! Selflessness is not my strongpoint I am afraid! Dios mio!

I lovedloved looooooved this quote but even more your beautiful, inspired and oh so wise explanation of it here in the comments... no wonder I love you so!


Karen: i hear ya, make that, "i can relate"! xox

TLP: and NOBODY does it better! (it's but ONE of the manymany reasons we love you SO MUCH) xox

Karma: WOOHOO! it's *very* good to see your happy/beautiful face, girlfriend! "why don't you do"? lemme get back to you on that (i have to figure out the same for myself, first!) xox

Cindra: so happy to hear this good news! continued thoughts of love and healing are flying in your direction. xox

Miz B: i appreciate your kind words, beautiful one! actually, more than ever, for now that everyone else in the blogosphere knows just HOW beautiful, i'm worried you're going to be too busy fending off folks with a large bat to find your way over here very often!

BRAVISSIMO on your *first* video-blog! i'm sooooo proud of you, and can't WAIT to see more!! much love to you, dearest amiga... xox

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