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08 October 2006



Pretty heavy responsibility, eh? How did that Buddha get to be so wise and BoBo so cute? That's what I want to know. Love you Babe!


Happy to be filled with good thoughts today... makes tomorrow seem so much better!


I clearly need to spend more time thinking about chocolate. There is NONE in the house. I buy it, it disappears, something distinctly odd there.


Interestingly, cognitive science supports this. What researchers call "downward causality" is when our higher thought processes actually do shape lower functions, for example when we cultivate a good habit and stick to it.


The actions of our mind. Hmmm. and the actions taken physically by those actions. I will think of this often this week. D :}


My future never seemed more hopeless.


I can't remember my thoughts of yesterday. Does that make me thoughtless today?


Honey: i can't imagine what the answer might be to either of those questions! that said, thank goodness Buddha was and Bobo *is*!!

i adore you! xoxox

CJ: keep up those happy thoughts, girlfriend! anything to give an edge to tomorrow! xox

logo™ : you need to do what i do, my friend... find a good and/or *better* hiding place! (seriously, with 2 grown sons, it's a constant problem!) xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: i believe that! seems to me like the same principle behind forcing yourself to do something (go to school/work/whatever) when you're getting sick. once you get into the proper mind-set, suddenly you don't feel so sick, right? mind over matter. now how can we apply this concept to poor Pansi's plight? xox

FF: we are all more capable of taking control over our lives (and destinies) than we give ourselves credit for. i really do believe this. xox

Doug: i'm sorry to hear that. xox

Sar: no. it means you'll be thoughtless *tomorrow*! xox


I'm sorry, I was trying to absorb it all until I got to Doug's and then I laughed out loud. I'll be back in a more properly reflective mode tomorrow.


Cindra Jo

Beautiful quote. I needed that today. Thanks, Neva. And OMG! CUTE puppy.


Like G, I lost it at Doug's comment. Blame him for everything

In principle agree fully with the thought

Sometimes we need more than our thoughts and actions

Ingrained systems might keep us from our dreams coming true

We might think and act purely, however others don't

Somehow Doug comes into this equation again as he refuses to let some of us give up

Drat that dawg


g: that's exactly what happened to me! (i read Doug's comment, started laughing, could NOT refocus!) xox

Cindra Jo: thanks for your kind words AND praise for our cute puppy (what can i say? he's special!) xox

Pia: "Drat that Dawg", indeed! and, of course, you're right... this principle is an easy one to understand and a very difficult one to practice. hard not to take it personally when someone else holds the key to something we want, but that's the other part of the equation, i believe. the more we focus on what we CAN do, the more we actually get done! xoxo

Jamie Dawn

Lordy, ain't that the truth!

If you think you are gonna have a crappy day, by golly... you'll have a crappy day.

Don't have a crappy day, please.


*mentally attempting to create a bar of nestle's extra special dark*

hey, give me a minute, you know? it'll work.


Jamie Dawn: so far, my day's been pretty terrific, thank you kindly! yours? xox

FN: it DID work! oh wait, this is Godiva dark chocolate, not Nestles. still, tasty stuff.... what? you weren't thinking of me when you conjured that??? xox


Pansi's life, like her mind, is an airy froth.


The dog in the picture is so gorgeous! Meaningful quote too.


No wonder my life is so crazy!


Mrs. Weirsdo: not unlike the top of a tasty macchiato, eh? xox

Jay: thanks! we're partial, but we think he's pretty special, too. xox

TLP: i'm glad Bobo could help clear that up for you. feel better now? xoxo


Such a great quote !


Is that a Starbucks drink?


Jenn: wish i could take credit for it! xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: it is, indeed! a tasty concoction with a frothy/foamy topping (that's not whipped cream). xox


I will keep it in mind. We do have a Starbucks now.

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