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01 October 2006



Good for you. Our cat also has a rich fantasy life.


Mrs. Weirsdo: well, yeah... cats & fantasies sort of go hand in paw, right? (we all remember what Alice was shaking when she woke up...)

Happy October, my friend! but, with the UnCaptists running amok in the countryside, is it safe for you to be out? xox

Cindra Jo

Great quote...beautiful baby dog.


Separating herself from the intolerant religion of which she is the reluctant deity, Venus long ago blessed the UnCaptists. (The post is here:


Great lesson in that quote - need to do more thinking of the "impossible." Is that pup a beauty or what??

Love you


That is just inspiring! I thought about what I've thought about before I've had breakfast today and so far the list is: Will Grace want a bottle or baby mush? I wonder if she'll throw a fit at the gym today? What time will Thea get up? and What should I make for supper tonight? OK none of them are impossible but perhaps I should start challenging myself!?


I believe the daily newspaper contributes to this. I prefer my own created impossibles. They are much more fun! D :}


i believe i had chicken cacciatore over homemade linguine for breakfast.


Cindra Jo: thank you! and thanks so much for stopping by! xox

Mrs. Weirsdo: of course she had -- how foolish of me to have forgotten! still... i'd hate to think of you in hazard's path, so take care, my friend, amok is amok, well-intentioned or otherwise! xox

Honey: that pup is BEYOND beautiful... as for the impossible? no such thing. small minds are all that separate us from accomplishing all that we desire! lovelovelove YOU! xox

CJ: hah! on any given day anything can seem impossible, right? as for challenging yourself? girlfriend, i'm thinking you do that every single day! xox

FF: the trick is to turn those self-created "impossibilities" into self-actualized possibilities! (easy to forget/hard to do, but well worth the effort, i think!) xox


FN: girlfriend.. aside from the chicken, that sounds more delicious than "impossible"! (talk to me later, tho', when your stomach weighs in on the matter...) xox


Clever little puppy ~~ it takes me all day to think of something :}


Semina: beautiful Semina... i'm sure you've imagined more in *one* day than many have in a lifetime! xox


What I'd miss! Only six impossible things??? I must admit that as a writer, Lewis Carroll gives me the hebe jebes.


Brian: i have to admit that, as a person, Lewis Caroll kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies, too. that said, somewhere in his bizarre (and perverted ) mind was a tale that continues to resonate with folks to this day--who knows? maybe it's true what they say, there's a fine line between genius and insaninty. in his case, it would seem so! xox


what a cute dog!!!


Jodes: cute *and* wise. that's why we keep him around! xox


haha! Love that quote. Rabbit, rabbit:)


I've believed or is it hoped for that many before breakfast. Yeah - I think it's hoped.

Thanks Bobo.


actonbell: Rabbit, Rabbit to you too, my friend!! xox

g: well, it all starts with the least i *think* that's how it works. (sometimes i have trouble believing i can drag myself out of bed on any given day! making that "impossibility #1", i suppose...)

Bobo is always here to help. xox

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