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26 October 2006



I can so relate to that quote! As we've discussed, sometimes it feels like we're just making the whole thing up...cute puppy!

Love you


Honey: when you think about it, it's not all that inconsistant with the things the Buddha says, is it? (being a "creation" of our own minds... etc.)

lovelovelove YOU -- which is no figment of my imagination, but a big fatso FACTO!! xoxox


It is so sad how unChristinane peoples loose all sent's of realty!!!!!!

Miz BoheMia

I love this quote... can be interpreted in soooo many different ways! Yep, the wisest is the way you describe it in the comments up above... we speak of perception with regards to the outside world so much but what about this perception towards the "me"?

My hair is botched up... oh how I wish I truly WAS a figment of my imagination! But for it to be my imagination I would still have to be me in order to be around to imagine and so the real question is... does the me who is doing the imagining and feeling all figmentish have her good hair?

Bohemians are just vain that way you know!



Hope you are enjoying a beautiful week oh sweet Neva de mi corazón! All my love to you my sweet and dear friend!


The Tao of Lily. I like it. She's on to something.

Look at the widdle pretty puppy.


Ha! That quote makes Lily Tomlin a self-loathing solipsist. Who knew? And I thought she was just funny.


I love that quote...I wish some people had more self awareness. The world would be a better place!

Love the picture because of the colors spattered around you!


I truly adore this sentiment. It smacks of my metaphysics class -- ah, I miss metaphysics. Maybe THIS is the dream and what we think are dreams is the real life we live. Who knew?! xoxoxo


In which case we can imagine ourselves to be perfect people.


I fear that I'm a figment of your imagination. See, like just now I didn't exist until you read this comment.

Also, I would like to second the sentiment that:

It is so sad how unChristinane peoples loose all sent's of realty!!!!!!

I would like to, but I have no idea what it means.


diesel, I see you've met Pansi. She is no figment of anyone's imagination.

This picture and quote go particularly great together! This is definitely I quote that I relate to. I blog therefore I am.


Pansi: well, yes it is... too bad you've decided to end your career in NG4J... for clearly, there are still people who need to be reached! xox

Miz B: yes... this quote is surprisingly wise... or weird, either way, it works for me! and i'm guessing your "bad hair" is, in fact, a figment of your fine and active imagination, dearest friend! no matter what, you always look beautiful to me!! besos to you, as well!! xoxo

Cindra: Lily's been of that Taoist bent ever since her days on Laugh-In, she was ahead of her time (and oh so profound) then, and her wit & wisdom continue to apply today! xox

a: (if that's who you really are)... hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, then who? xox

Deana: thanks for noticing the picture! i was actually trying to go for something that might "work" with the quote, and this one just seemed like a good fit. xox

Angela: one of my favorite lines is found at the end of a poem by Lewis Carroll: "Life what is it, but a dream?" for exactly that reason. xox

Jan: can... and should! xox

Diesel: or am i just a figment of yours?

as for Pansi? her words speak for us all... and *none* of us know what they mean. xox

g: me too, my dearest NBFF, me too. xox

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