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30 September 2006



That's too funny...great quote and certainly what it's all about. Be happy and don't try to figure it out beyond that cause everything will take care of itself.

Love you


Honey: i have always loved that quote as well as the sentiment behind it! and yes... i think some folks spend so much time wondering if they're happy and/or how can they be happier they forget to simply *be* happy. and in the end, the "happy" we have rightthisminute is all that counts, right? so easy--and yet SO hard for SO many.

lovelovelove YOU!! (and happyhappyhappy to have you in my life, every single day of my life!) xoxox


I'll sign on with Schultz.

Rabbit, rabbit


Rabbit, rabbit


Rabbit, rabbit!


Me too!

Rabbit, rabbit! I love that quote.


Rabbit Rabbit!!


My life has sorta purpose, some direction, a foggy aim, a bit of meaning...and I am almost always happy!


Doug: i already have. and Rabbit, Rabbit, yourself, sir! xox

Honey: Rabbit, Rabbit...and happy happy rest of the month, too! xoxox

AP3: in honor of your BASIP this week, Кролик, Кролик! xox

Actonbell: i do, too! don't worry/be happy, right? and Rabbit, rabbit! xox

dddragon: Rabbit, Rabbit (and thank you thank you!) xox

Monika: i suspect the point is *not* to overthink our aims, purposes, directions & meanings in life... it's all good, but *sometimes* it's okay to be happy in spite of those things! Rabbit, Rabbit! xox


Enviable. But I don't think I can do without meaning and purpose for very long.


Mrs. Weirsdo: agreed. altho', somedays i'm quite certain my whole purpose in life is to not just "be"... but "be happy". (pathetic & boring, i know, but there it is!) xox


Not at all. I like to think of that feeling as an achievement--for as long as it lasts,


Lucky Shultz!

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