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19 September 2006



Love the quote and who knew that Hans Solo and D. Chopra were so in tune with one for the Dodgers...I wish I had more faith in them, I really do...I don't mean to be a bad fan. Love you Babe!

FirstNations thats more on me level, ye lubberly land-dog!
and may i add to the risk-taking theme a motto of mine:


That's the spirit! Love it:)


Risk: To write from the heart.


Risk: To take a chance. And now being the generous gal that I am, I will share with you the earworm I just caught.

Take a chance on me...ABBA

You can thank me later. ;)


Risk: To boldly go where no man (woman) has gone before.

I know, not original...just thought with the Hans Solo theme it might Okay, how about...

Risk: To reject preconcieved notions and the fear that follows and allow the chips to fall where they may.

Sar - Take a chance on me, now that was just cruel...

Angela K

Fabulous Han Solo quote, Sophie. Odds are so misleading, aren't they.

Risk: to let go of self-defeating behavior, even though it feels comfortable/normal -- and to do as Joel says by rejecting those nasty preconceived notions.


Now that's somehing that can stick in my head. Thanks matey!

good girl

Never tell me the odds! Wow. 5 freakin' simple words and I am floored. Honestly. I am.

Never tell me the odds.

This is ALL I need hear for the weeks to come. ALL I need.

Perfect. Thanks, Sophietoes. Sorry, Bobo but Sophietoes wins my heart today!!

GG x



Miz BoheMia

Ha, ha, haaaa! I lovelovelooooovee the quote! I shall live as Hans Solo does... totally applies as with the attempts to sell this house you get every Dick, Tom and Harry trying to tell you their idea of the odds but bottomline, I WAS RIGHT!!!!

I just up and called the appraiser from two years ago and let us just say that the figures I was mulling over are right on the money! TAKE THAT I SAY!

Risk... a danger only when you don't go with your gut (no matter how rotten a gut it may be! Oy!)...

Thank you for this beautiful post oh dearest Snuppy de mi corazon... you go straight to the soul, you know that? *sigh* No wonder bohemians everywhere just LOVE YOU! LOVE I SAY!



I'm with Han Solo.

Miz BoheMia

Ooops! You are Neva here! This bohemian is dizzy! DIZZY! So make that Neva Puppytoes Puppbrose Snuppy Soul Sistah-licious woman de mi corazon! How's that!



There are no victories without risks. Well written Neva.


Honey: love 'em when they're up... love 'em when they're down (sung to Brick in the Wall). as for the quote? i like it, too! and i'd like to think it mirrors our own way of approaching problems (but maybe that's just me?) AND I LOVE YOU!! xoxo

FN: Arrrrgh... lassie o' t' (or is that with t'?) FlatButt...'tis a right fine quote we be usin', indeed! (and i'm guessin' as a biker chick, you can definitely relate!) xox

Actonbell: thank you! xox

Brian: that IS scary... and you are oh-so-brave for doing just that. xox

Sar: ABBA??? aieeeeee! actually, i rather like ABBA, but still... aieeee! xox

Honey: now THAT'S what i'm talkin' about! xoxo

Angela: i agree, that was really the point of the Dalai Bobo quote this week... Chopra may not be as hip (or cute, maybe) as Han/Harrison, but his words still reflect a concept worthy of reflection. xox

G: anytime, thar, NBMF! (new best matey forever) xox

GG: i hope you keep that in mind throughout the next few weeks, girlfriend! xox

Monika: "What", what? xox

Miz B: and i love you too, beautiful and brave BoheMian! and "risk" is certainly one of your catchwords, eh? (hang in there, it's all gonna be worth it...) xox

Doug: i knew you would be. xox

Miz B: Neva here, but this blog is still in "Sophie's" voice. (more or less...) it really is a bit too confusing, isn't it? that's why i'll be writing on Joel's blog, too. somewhere i'm pretty sure i gotta be me. (sounds like a song) xox

Anomie: ain't it the truth, girlfriend! thank you. xox


I am taking a risk and introducing myself :} hoping the odds will be that you will visit my blog.
I love your lovely little dogs ~~ I can see their smile. Semina :}


The risks I take on a daily basis, lovong, breathing, seeing. Taken joyfully. D :)


Semina: how lovely to meet you! and i have to confess that i saw your blog the other day (noticed it as a new Technorati link) and wondered who you were! so i'm SO happy to took a risk and said hi... and i'm VERY MUCH looking forward to getting to know you (tho' i think i already may?) xox

FF: yep, all risks, but ones well worth the effort, right? here's hoping yours was a beautiful and joyful weekend, and is the start start to an even *better* week! xox

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