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06 September 2006



First of all...the Marx quote took me totally by surprise...still laughing. In agreement with many of your book choices which means it's going to be real tough to be original in my own post since for some ungodly reason you tagged who you say you love so you know, I too enjoy reading although I have to find a way to get through more than a page and a half each night before falling asleep...cause, don't know if you know this or not, but it takes really long time to finish a book that way. I love you, you little bookworm you!


I've never read Davinci Code and have no interest in doing so. Actually, since I am blogging and writing so much, I don't read very much at all.

Tell mommy that I have finished part 12 of purple eyes and have ideas for 13-16 plus the ending and the epilogue. Did I mention that I don't have time to read.

Joel the that picture of the Sophie girl.

Angela K

Hilarious quote by Groucho Marx, by the way. I'm with Joel. I meant to say that I started the Davinci Code and just couldn't get into it, but I'm still laughing about the idea of trying to read while inside a dog. Thanks for the laugh! The Education of Little Tree was the first book to ever bring me to a complete gushing cry (right in the middle of the college library no less).


see? I knew you´d do really well. You little bookworm you!
I counte dteh books on my nightstand just for fun and there are 9 :) I love to surround myself with books, I even love it more when I find the time to cuddle up with a blanket and read with interruption for however long I feel like :)

Wonderful take on this meme and it brought a smile to my face :)


Thanks Neva - now I know what I can get to read next!! I was just telling Erick I need to find something good to read. Thanks for the tips, I needed them!


oh neva, that was FUN!! I loved reading about your reading. God, no wonder we connect...its the cosmic meeting of the bookworms!



This is a great meme. My son has also devoured a little-known L. Frank Baum book, THE MAGICAL MONARCH OF MO, several times. I liked it too, but it proved too whimsical for Mall Diva when she was younger.
I have no interest in the Da Vinci Code.


thanks so much for NOT tagging the schnoodlepooh gang, and thanks also for the great book recommendations. we have read only 3 (we count the trilogy as 1 also) on your list and now I have a big new list of books to order from

and yes, we have also NOT read the daVinci code, so you're not the only one. it's on my list also.

too many books, too little time...


Actually, I am a book worm also and this will be fun... .now all I need to do is find the there a time limit?
I have read the daVinci Code....I liked the cover, also it was a book club read....long time before everyone else was reading was still in hard back.$$$$$ The book was a page turner and good entertainment which is more than I can say about the movie....then my opinion usually is and I I have been known to voice it...."It was not as good as the book"
Oh, oh, oh, one of the books you love is also one of my will see :)
OK!!instead of visiting everyone today, I will start right now on my book meme :)

Miz BoheMia


And I ditto dear Joel of the Bobo Banjoeys... me who you claim to love! DIOS MIO!

Now you will ALL see how big an airhead I am cause lord knows that, truly, apart from the two books you sent me, I have read NOTHING since becoming a mother! NOTHING! (Oh wait! I did read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in 9 days during my second pregnancy so I guess I am a LIAR now, A LIAR!!!) But hey, between motherhood happening twice in a short period of time, a transatlantic move and yet another one coming up CAN YOU BLAME ME????

I AM FREAKING OUT! ;) Which, DAMMIT, means that I HAVE to do it because if something freaks me out I gotta do it! DIOS MIO! See the commotion a tag can cause? Especially such an intellectual one!

Ok, now I am totally hyperventilating...

Disclaimer... Nevas everywhere of the Puppytoes clan must not feel bad... bohemians tend to be quite dramatic... especially this freaky one you seem to like so and who loves you to pieces but shhhh... don't tell her we told you...



OH--Straight Man! I agree, that is one hilarous book.
The Marx quote is perfect:) Good job!


oh puppy wupster, please, be forewarned that an intelligent and discerning person like your mommy is going to be mightily dissappointed by the boil on the a** of literature that is The Gay Italian Artist Cipher so be ready to be your cutest, sweetest self cuz mommy is gonna need it.
Why no, I didn't care for TDVC. Why do you ask?

Miz BoheMia

I laughed, I cried, I tried dammit, I TRIED!!! (My way of saying it is done!) ;-)


Sophie baby/Neva.....I hereby announce that my book meme is done...lot's of links....I am so proud of that....wait,wait,....
pride is a sin....anyway it is done...*whisper* I had fun :^)


Honey: our matching nightstands crack me up. oh the books we might read if we could stay awake long enough to finish 'em! i lovelovelove the meme you did, and i'm especially happy you mentioned the Clavell books... which are, as you know, among my ALL-TIME favorites!

but, mostly, i just lovelovelove YOU!! xox

Brian: if parts 1-3 are any indication of what's to come, i'm looking forward to reading the rest of this wonderful story! (and i think it will make a terrific book) xox

Angela: thank you so much for stopping by! as for The Education of Little Tree? i haven't read it, but from the synopsis, it sounds amazing, and touching. guess i'd better add that to the list! thank you! xox

Monika: i'm the same way when it comes to books. i lovelovelove to be surrounded by them, and enjoy noting more than having a good leisurely read (when i can stay awake). i'm glad to know i brought a smile to your beautiful face... your take on the meme did the same for me! xox

CJ: oooh! if you need other suggestions, let me know! this meme was fun, but it didn't really allow me to include all the books i'm passionate about. oh well... as you know, there are lots of great ones out there! (as a working mom, i'm guessing reading is something you find hard to do on any given day!) xox

Kyahgirl: thank you! and yep! i think you and i have many things in common, among them, a love of books! thanks for the "assignment"... this was a lot of fun to do! xox

Weirsdo: i actually love (and have) many of the Oz titles... whimsy was (and is) my middle name! when they were younger, both my sons were big fans of all things Oz, too! xox

Schnoodlepooh: trust me, the ONLY reason i didn't tag you is that i know your plate is VERY full right now! otherwise, your ass would SO have been mine!! that said, i'm happy to know Joel and i aren't the only ones who've missed (not) the DaVinci Code! xox

Mo'a: having just returned from reading your VERY ENTERTAINING meme, i was pleased to note we have a few favorites in common! no surprise, really... well maybe just a little... if i can share your taste in good books, why can't i share your artistic talent? xox

Miz B: i've *also* just read YOUR wonderful meme... it's no secret having young children cuts into adult reading time (or ends it all together!) that said... yours was a fabulous list!! clearly all that hyperventilating didn't keep you from being clever, funny and/or HIGHLY ENTERTAINING!! xox

Actonbell: not many people are familiar with Straight Man, which is a shame, because it's so dang funny/brilliant. but then, most of Russo's works are (Empire Falls was beyond magnificent) i love that quote, too! thanks!! xox

First Nations: i'm just grateful you're still talking to me (i've been a terrible bloggirlfriend... and am, apparently, a horrible potential guest poster. what's up with me? that is a question i intend to answer in the VERY near future!!!) hmmmm? so i don't really need to waste my time with TDVC? *good* to know, girlfriend, good to know!! xox


Am flattered that you asked. This is one meme that I would love to do, but between having lived at the dentists office this week--36 hours without solid food--by the time I could eat, thought that a life consisting of eatting diet chocolate pudding with no fat cool whip might be interestin

Am freaking because I do have agents asking for much--and did a writing exercise that I love so much will keep up forever :-)


Hi Neva,

Just wanted to let you know that my 9/11 Tribute has been linked!!! Yes! I updated my post to include the link at the bottom to Bennings writing pad and several more 9/11 posts already up.

Thanks for enjoying purple eyes, she has really grown on me.

Miz BoheMia

You know, in my tangential-mind-state-that-you-know-so-very-well, I forgot to mention how brilliant your meme was! Hyperventilating can do that to frizzed out cuckoo bohemians you see! Forgive me!

I LOVED the Lord of the Rings Trilogy... I bawled often when I thought beloved friends had met their demise... poor Loverboy would just shake his head and walk by as I sobbed, unconsolable... *sigh*

And To Kill a Mockingbird really and truly moved me... I wished for Atticus to be my father, he was so fair! And the book, seamlessly brilliant!

Forgive my lack of eloquence... life is an interesting and crazy rollercoaster ride you will soon be filled in on!

May you have a beautiful weekend my dear, beautiful and much loved amiga!


'Mockingbird' and 'The Ring' have to be about the two best things in the language.
once when my daughter was young she made a snotty racist remark and i grounded her with a copy of mockingbird with a review due at the end. and she thanked me!


Pia: i know you are one busy woman... and i believe agents/publishers/writing assignments are of more importantce than a meme... i just figured what the heck. i'd ask and you'd do it or you wouldn't! i just love knowing you're around here... and i REALLY hope you're feeling better! xox

Brian: thanks for the info! i thought the tribute you did was quite wonderful... and i am SO looking forward the next installment of Real Magic! that's quite a fanciful and intriguing story you've started, sir! xox

Miz B: silly girl! just seeing you here makes me smile! i'm not surprised to know you love The Lord of the Rings Trilogy... it's so magical, not unlike yourself! and, yes, To Kill a Mockingbird was just an amazing story. my own father died when i was very young (around Scout's age), so Atticus always held a special place in my heart, too (that said, my mother married an amazing man a year or so later, and, honestly, my step-father has always been a true gift from God. but my biologigal father was a gentle and beautiful man, and i have always missed him).

you surely didn't need to, but thank you for coming back! xox

FN: girlfriend! there are those who say there's more truth to The LOTR than meets the reader's eye (my older crazy sister claimed to have seen hobbits in her backyard once. tho' she's a heavy drinker, so that may have accounted for it). and you are BEYOND brilliant for teaching your daughter such an important and beautiful lesson about racial intolerance in the way you did. damn! that was inspired! and i'm guessing it stayed with her, too... xox


You know I read this last week...

Nicely done my friend. Every time I read a meme, I come away with more to read. The problem is that I'm driving instead of being driven, so I don't have as much "reading time". No excuse, I know. But I feel rather illeterate of late, so read I must!

Can I count you as one of my reads? By the way, I mentioned to Joel that I may be one of the only ones on the planet to not be bowled over by TheDaVinciCode (but please don't tell anybody).


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