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16 September 2006



Neva - good for you, you need to decide what works best for you. I am always checking out this site, like you say - ya never know! Hope to see you around. Be well & happy. D


Yipee! I was getting lonely over there by myself...and also not posting as much as I would like due to silly petty things like work. Welcome you.

Miz BoheMia

Hey, as long as I get to read you I am ecstatic! ECSTATIC I SAY!

I have missed you very much my friend... sorry for the absence... I am hoping to ring you up soon! Until then, many kisses and all my love always!


hey, i come here.
now i have to go somewhere else too?

my brain hurts now.


I know just how it is,I have been absent a lot lately, however, not because I am doing anything lucrative....just life getting in the way. I will still check in here at least to see your pretty face Sophie Baby and the handsome Bobo when he makes an appearance.


The Beatles fade in..."here, there and everywhere...". Did I know they wrote it for you? Wherever you go, I'll find you. Did you think you can shake me off your trail that easily?! I don't think so. Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be a success!



Okay. I'm goin' over to the other place.


Just like I said on Bobo I love seeing everything and everything you guys decide to do. :) I look forward to seeing all the changes you decide to make!!


Thanks for visiting today. My first time here and I'll be back tomorrow because it's almost midnight and I can't focus anymore.


FF: thanks... we've been talking about doing our blogs this way for quite awhile, hopefully this will make sense and be fun. otherwise, all bets are off! xox

Honey: i hope you don't regret this... but you (and i) *have* been busy lately, hopefully by doing this, we'll be able to actually find a bit of time to something together besides work and/or blog, eh?? i ADORE you!! xoxo

Miz B: holy cow, girlfriend, you've got so MUCH on your plate it never ceases to amaze me how *you* do it all (pack, paint, parent, stay fabulous, continue to write brilliant--lengthy--posts!!) Joel and I actually thought about combining our blogs, but neither of us wanted to give up our own slice of the blogosphere, hopefully this way we can have it all in a way that makes sense! much love to YOU sweet BoheMian!! xox

FN: ha! what the hell, i'm planning to draw up a diagram, in hopes of clarifying the mess we've potentially created ! xox

Mo'a: thank you dear friend... and please know Sophie and Bobo are *always* happy to see you, as am i! xox

g: yep, me 'n Sir Paul are likethis. as for "shakin'" you off the trail? no way, Jose! all i did was make it wider and put up a few more road signs. (the neon arrows should have been your first clue!) xox

TLP: works for me, girlfriend, i'll meet up with you over there! xox

CJ: seeing as how you're the Queen of Bloggy changes, i knew you'd understand/appreciate our need to make one, ourselves! thanks! xox

swampwitch: somedays i'm lucky to be focused at *noon*. thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the blogosphere! i enjoyed "meeting" you, and look forward to hanging out in the future! xox


You just make sure you still get plenty of your pics in there!


whatever works sweet Neva. I'll chase you down and find you where ever you are hanging your collar.


As U2 sings, I will follow madame snarkster. Uh not that U2 sings madame snarkster. But they should! ;)

Angela K

I'd keep showing up just for the old stuff. Thanks for the links to Daddy's page. We'll be there! xoxoxo


O. k., but you have piqued my curiosity concerning "Mommy's" projects.
Once the kids' activities, the three orchestras, and the 25 students get going, it's pretty hectic around here, too, and I would miss more days, but I'm compulsive.

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