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27 September 2006



Lovely Cake....I am just getting over not knowing that you had a Birthday Monday.....Happy Birthday dear Neva.....Left you a message at Joel's......By the by I AM FIRST!!!!!!


yes you are Móa *lowering eyebrows followed by big grin*

Who made that cake, wondering minds need to know!


I think Joel may have made it with enough cash forked over the counter...

Do tell - what has mommy got up her sleeve?! I better head over to daddy's!


A very nice long weekend for us...yipee!! Love spending time with case you didn't know. Love you!! Now hurry up and put up a post over at might want to throw up a fresh coat of paint while your at it.


Mo'a: i'm so sorry you didn't get the birthday memo (especially since i would have LOVED to have recieved one of your creations!!) maybe next time?? xox

Minka: that, my dear friend, was the tasty creation of a place called Cold Stone, and it's every bit as yummy and decadent as it looks! xox

G: oh sure... you went over there before i had a chance to get my "guest" post up. the good(ish) news is that the situation has since been remedied (in case you find your way back over there anytime soon) xox

Honey: it was a fabulous weekend... and i'll try to get that decorating on your site completed later today! (you, of all people, know how i procrastinate!)

lovelovelove YOU! and thank you for making my birthday so special... as you have since our 1st "official" date, 22 years ago! xoxox


Lovelove Pooh quotes! I especially love "oh bother!" Just says it all. So very glad you're happy. D :}


Sweet anticipation--I love that Pooh quote!
I hope your birthday celebration was wonderful all the way through:)


FF: it's hard to argue with the wisdom and Tao of Pooh! and thanks for the happy thoughts... hope life is filled with happiness for you, as well. xox

Actonbell: i know, it's just about as sweet and wise as a quote can get, right? and thank YOU for the good wishes... my birthday was absolutely perfect, through and through! xox


happy, happy, happy, birthday, birthday, birthday, to, to, to, you, you, you!!!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


Karen: you're SO SWEET! thank you, my friend! i lovelovelove this "heart-work"! xoxo


Is there any cake left over?


yay. happy birthday. birthdays are fun. Brody had his 3 month birthday celebration at Peg's work today with chocolate cake for a brown (chocolate) poodle! whee... although his birthday isn't until Sunday, they needed some cake at work.


We do have cake left over...can somebody please take it? It calls to me and my willpower is weak.


How nice to be a cloud,
Floating in the blue.
Every little cloud
ALWAYS sings aloud.

Happy belated birthday.


P. S. Went over to "Daddy's." Sounds like a great celebration. I used to make all the birthday cakes, and in fact made three when Mall Diva turned three and we had a big party. Now Mall Diva gets a cotton candy ice cream cake (talk about decadent), but Toyplayer wanted brownies, which was a nice change.

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